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  1. Which tamagotchi connection should I start back up? V2 or V3?

    1. Dragonboy


      v2! The games are far better in my opinion. :)

    2. Starwolfie33


      I love my V3!

  2. Every time I try to log into the website on my phone it says the site isn't secure and it won't let me log in...anyone know why that is???

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    2. Jemsey


      My browser says it's not secure. I'm assuming that's because it's an http:// site and not an https:// site.

    3. Admin


      Jemsey has it right... :)

    4. Breadcrumbs


      For me, it won’t work on safari on my iPhone. It works on puffin however.

  3. I can't stop researching the Sanrio Tamagotchi M!x. It's the cutest thing ever! I need it! I love how you can have your tama marry Gudetama because he is my favorite Sanrio character.

    1. Doobytchi66
    2. N4LLLC


      I'm currently waiting on one. It's been almost 2 weeks now. Hope it hurries up and gets here.

  4. *addition to the family. I am so happy to have this little guy and am debating starting a blog here. I already am an anime blogger so why not add tama's to the mix as well? I will also be in Vegas later this week so that could make for some nice pictures. The last time I was here was about a year ago and it was only to read the tama blogs here so now I want to be on here as a serious member. Ah~ it's good to be back!

  5. Wow. I've had an account here for years. It's been 8 years and I was 14 like my username implies. Now I'm 20 (I'll be 21 in August) and time has really flew by. Even though I haven't kept up with this site I am still very much into tamagotchi's and never lost my love for the toys. I still have a huge collection and still collect new ones each year to grow my family. Actually today my new tamagotchi 4U game in the mail today and I am so excited to play with my new addit...

  6. I'm going to try to be more active you guys~ I made this account when I was 14 and now I'm 17, its insane! But I still run my tama's all the time. In fact I'm currently running my v4. Its great to be back!

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    2. dazzilitchigirl



    3. tamaninjacat


      Welcome back to TT! It's nice when inactive members come back again. :)

    4. TamaGuyJayy


      welcome back!!

  7. Got a v2, yay! His name is Tomas.

    1. TicTax


      the V2 is fun hope you like it :)

  8. I LOVE MY NEW SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!1

  9. I'm grounded for getting a C in Biology.....shoot me.

    1. TamaMum


      Well... Is that grade what you / your parents / your teachers were expecting (or are you capable of getting a heck of a lot better and everyone thinks you are just not trying hard enough?)

    2. tamagotchigeek14
  10. Hey....when will you be on? well whenever you do lets chat! :)

  11. I'm grounded and this sucks!

  12. Been sick.....this sucks, but at least I have my Tama's to keep me company, lol. :)

  13. So bored because I have to work on my English progect..... :(

  14. OMG i love Animal crossing wild world.....!

  15. Playing the Wii with my cousin and sister! So phyced(not a good speller :P) because we are having a PAR-TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. By the way will anyone go on chat so I can talk because I am SO bored!

  17. Vegas is ok........I don't think so much of it since I live there.

  18. I want soup cuz im sick.....

  19. I just got my tamago and I'm am PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see what this baby can do......... :)

  20. I really want to talk to someone......

  21. I really want the tama go........