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  1. Which tamagotchi connection should I start back up? V2 or V3?

    1. Dragonboy


      v2! The games are far better in my opinion. :)

    2. Starwolfie33


      I love my V3!

  2. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2003, I was in third grade, eight years old. My best friend at the time had the V3 Tropical design and I wanted one because she had spent hours showing me all its features and how adorable it was and I wanted one so badly. So I went home and told my mom I wanted one, but she said she wouldn't get me one since it would just be "another toy you don't play with". I was pretty upset until my grandpa (who lived with us at the time) heard our conversation and said he would get me one. We drove to Toys R Us and I ran through the aisle's until I found literally one tamagotchi left. It was the V3 Zebra Stripe and I thought it was super ugly. My grandpa evidently thought so too since he said, "Are you sure you want that? We can come back when they have more in stock..." I was determined to get one right away so I said no, that I would take the ugly Zebra one and that was the one I wanted even though it really wasn't. He bought it for me and I immediately ripped opened the packaging and began to read the instructions and started to play. I feel bad that I didn't appreciate the design at the time, because a few years later I traded for a snake skin V3 and I miss my zebra print terribly. Now that I'm older I can appreciate that it was a cute shell design. In short, thanks grandpa for starting the obsession! My mom still thinks its weird that after all these years, at 22 years old, I am still an avid collector and have a large collection.
  3. Every time I try to log into the website on my phone it says the site isn't secure and it won't let me log in...anyone know why that is???

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    2. Jemsey


      My browser says it's not secure. I'm assuming that's because it's an http:// site and not an https:// site.

    3. Admin


      Jemsey has it right... :)

    4. Breadcrumbs


      For me, it won’t work on safari on my iPhone. It works on puffin however.

  4. Also surprisingly I'm finding some ID L's for as low as 40 bucks on ebay (used). That is significantly cheaper than the ID L's on amazon (which go for closer to 80 dollars). Sadly the P's are running for about 90-100 dollars on both amazon and ebay. Can I trust that ebay has the ID L's for cheap and I wonder why...?
  5. Thank you Kajah995 for replying! I really appreciate the insight. Well I've also heard that the P's are good, but don't you have to buy a lot of those pin accessories for the top of it to get content? Is that true or can you just play the tama naturally without having to buy the pins for all the extra content? I mean is it still enjoyable with a lot of content without the pins? Also do you know how much they are?
  6. I have a 4U that I just hatched yesterday, would that count or does it have to start July 1st?
  7. Thank's for the insight Nozatchi25, I really appreciate it~ That's also really good that its hard for the tama to leave you since when I start work again I'll be leaving it on at work and just checking on it a few times throughout the day (I don't like to leave it paused or at the daycare since it can slow the growth of the tamagotchi). My only big concern with the IDL is that it looks expensive to buy on ebay and amazon. Oh well. Nothing I can really do about that. Thanks again for the reply!
  8. I recently bought a tamagotchi 4U and I really do like it. It's cute, but also kind of simple. My main problem is that I don't have access to the app where you can download more content and most likely never will. I've been raising tamagotchi's for thirteen years now and I really want a tamagotchi that is booming with content, a bit of a challenge to raise (I'll regret that when I go back to work I'm sure haha), and is in color. So I'm asking the tamatalk community to help me find the perfect colored tama. Something that has a lot of content and preferably little to no download content where I have to actually be in Japan or have to have an app or something for it. I've been looking at the new M!x's which look interesting with the genetic aspect of it and the Sanrio version is super adorable, but what about the others? I've heard a lot of good things about the ID L, but doesn't that require a lot of downloadable stuff too? If you guys can help and tell me in your opinion which is the best colored tamagotchi I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys~
  9. I can't stop researching the Sanrio Tamagotchi M!x. It's the cutest thing ever! I need it! I love how you can have your tama marry Gudetama because he is my favorite Sanrio character.

    1. Doobytchi66
    2. N4LLLC


      I'm currently waiting on one. It's been almost 2 weeks now. Hope it hurries up and gets here.

  10. *addition to the family. I am so happy to have this little guy and am debating starting a blog here. I already am an anime blogger so why not add tama's to the mix as well? I will also be in Vegas later this week so that could make for some nice pictures. The last time I was here was about a year ago and it was only to read the tama blogs here so now I want to be on here as a serious member. Ah~ it's good to be back!

  11. Wow. I've had an account here for years. It's been 8 years and I was 14 like my username implies. Now I'm 20 (I'll be 21 in August) and time has really flew by. Even though I haven't kept up with this site I am still very much into tamagotchi's and never lost my love for the toys. I still have a huge collection and still collect new ones each year to grow my family. Actually today my new tamagotchi 4U game in the mail today and I am so excited to play with my new addit...

  12. I'm going to try to be more active you guys~ I made this account when I was 14 and now I'm 17, its insane! But I still run my tama's all the time. In fact I'm currently running my v4. Its great to be back!

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      Welcome back to TT! It's nice when inactive members come back again. :)

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      welcome back!!

  13. Okay so I realize that I have not been on for quite some time so I promise I will do better at this. But I do have a lot of things to say because a lot of things have happend. Lets go all the way back to Monday morning. Okay so on Monday morning this was my first day of Summer vacation. So everyone left to work and my sisters still had school until Wednesday. So I was bored watching Netflix so I looked at my mail on TamaTalk. It turns out that I had a reply that said that I should use my spare battery for my V4.5(clear yellow with purple and orange swirls with blue buttons, logo and antenna). I was curious about what was on downloads since I had saved the poor tamagotchi from my sister who didnt pay any attention to it. When I clicked download I had a bouncing baby boy named Erik! So I decided to keep the little guy. Next I had remembered that V4.5 could connect with the V2 so I grabbed my V2 only to find out that my little Mason had died when I forgot to put him on pause when we took a trip in the car the previous day. My parents didnt like the beeping so I had to turn off the sound and i forgot to turn it back on. My poor little Onionotchi! So he passed away and I decided to reset it but I sort of lost my V2...... . After that I decided to just take care of my V4.5 until I find the V2 but there were so many things going on that I didnt find until this morning. I decided to run my Tamago also on Tuesday but I got tired of it so I decided to take the batteries out. My tamagotchi was an adult and I found my V2 this morning and I reset it and I got a girl whom I named Nami, so adorable! Also my little(not so little anymore) Erik turned into a adult, an Uratogetchi. Well I will update later, goodbye TamaTalkers!
  14. Quick!! Pick one of each gender of these names. I will tell everyone why in the next post. All these are Japanese anime's that I like to watch and or read or play. Aki(boy from "Baka and Test") Light(boy from "Death Note") Moka(girl from "Rosario+Vampire) Nami(girl from "Harvest Moon for DS")
  15. Okay so i haven't yet let my little Mason evolve because I've had on pause all day yesterday. I felt so bad but we went to the city and we were there all day and I couldnt take care of a little baby the whole time. So right after this post I will unpause Mason and see what he evolves into . Anyway, I have a dilema here everyone. I have a spare battery lying around and im not sure if I want to use it. I have a few options I can use the battery on because I dont want to use the battery on the others. A music star(blue with microphone, or pink and purple flames), a v4.5(blue with swirls or yellow see through with swirls), my v3(dark blue with shooting stars) and I also have batteries for my tamago(blue). So which one should I log about? I have many options.....
  16. Thank you Mimitchi^o^, because you have given me a name for my new tamagotchi. The name shall be.....*drumroll*......MASON!!!! Mimitchi's reasoning was that the name is cute and it is used for both boys and girls, which is true. Good reasoning *high five* Okay so I'm putting the battery in ... Screwing the back on ... Reset ... Date, time, birthday, name ... Egg ... HATCHING!!!! ... ... ... ... ITS A BOUNCING BABY BOY!!!! Now we can start our life together as owner and tamagotchi. So I want to try to get a Mametchi but I'm not sure if thats possible with an odd generation... So today is my step dads birthday so we are going out to eat and then we have to go to a vollyball and soccer game! C'mon Mason! Let me show you the world!!!! *I'll post back in a couple of hours on an update on my little Masey Wasey! *
  17. I am so sorry tamatalkers, I havent been on in days . I blame finals week! But I'm back now and I have some news. Not good news though, bad news. So Star died today on the bus and when i grabbed a pen to reset her so I could get her back....she died. I was upset and I slumped in my seat, really sad. She was so adorable too! She was a teenager and as a kid she was: . And as a teenager she was the tamagotchi flame ball thing. I thought it was fate since her name was Starfire and she was a star as a kid and a flame as a teenager....freaky right ? So when I get home from school I check the mail and I see a letter from Rayne. Here's what it said: Dear Sunshine, I hate your guts. You killed my daughter and now I will kill you. Sleep with one eye open because you are being watched. As soon as I learn how to get back to Earth without reancarnating into someone elses tamagotchi egg I will get you! Hate, Rayne Reactions: - - - - - . And thats how I was after reading Rayne's hate mail. I do feel bad and I really love Star, but maybe it was meant to be for her to move on...Its also not my fault, I have finals...jeez! Well now that I dont have Star I want all tamatalkers out there to help me find a different name for my new baby. So heres what I want. I want you to pick a name and send it to me along with why you chose this and what it means. Boys or girl names and they can even be in another language for all I care. And I need them by Friday so get your creative baby name juices flowing tamatalkers!!!!
  18. So when I awoke this morning from a long night of celebrating my moms birthday, I looked at my tamagotchi and saw that there was only one little z sleeping!!! *squeal* So I'm so happy, but also sad because I really wanted Rayne to stay until Mothers Day so we could celebrate. Oh well, I'll have to send her pictures of her baby girl, Star! I want it to be short for Starfire, if any of you watch teen titans on Cartoon Network . Anyway I'm going to wake her up right now by setting the time foward. ... Set the time to normal... ... And there is my baby girl! She's adorable and she looks just like her mommy. So yeah, yesterday I took her and Rayne to school where it actually rained on us and all my freinds started dancing in the rain. It was so fun and I had my tama hooked to my jeans so they danced along with me. We all had so much fun. Well I'm going to go in a second so I can properly care for star but before I go I have an announcment. A few days ago I recieved my first reply from tamacrazy96!!! When I looked at my mail I almost had a heart attack from joy! So thank you tamacrazy96 for that reply and I would love it if anyone could reply to my log and tell me how I can make it better. Maybe....Star could come and talk to you guys because I know that some other logs do that. Or I could just tell you about the day like I've been doing with Star. Oh well, whichever would be fine....SO send me a reply please because I am so grateful to see so many viewers! All right ttyl everyone
  19. I'm at school right now and I have amazing news. I was going to show my friend my tamagotchi and Rayne had a baby! The matchmaker came and I was all like: . I freaked so bad and I pushed the A button to let her in. She had a suitable husband, dont remember what kind, and they married. It was love at first sight...not like I beilive in that, but whatever...Im too cool . She had a girl and I decided to name her Star. So....yeah. Not much happend after that. Rayne should be leaving Star either tommorow night or the night after. So....yo DAWGS PEACE OUT .......Rayne says hi and Star just looks like this . Shes either happy to be with me and her mom...or....has gas....
  20. Today I took Rayne to school with me. We had a lot of fun and I was glad I turned the sound off, otherwise the teachers may have taken her away. So we first went to art and I drew a couple of sketches of her since she turned into a.........KIWITCHI. I was a little sad though that she ended up looking all boyish and stuff. But I used the code for costume and when I put it on her she transformed into a really cute white rabbit with black ears and face....I was: .... . When she transformed I squealed, "So CUTE!" The girl next to me(this was in math) raised her eyebrows so I showed her how cute Rayne looked. She smirked and I was all, "Don't be jelouse because you don't have one.' Also in math we have the teacher and two assistents so when they walked by I shoved her in my desk or cupped my precious tama in my hand. Then when they walked away I would pull her out and play Slot with her. I am addicted to this game and while I was playing the game my teacher was giving a lesson and he said, "So what's the answer Sunshine?" I shoved my tamagotchi in my desk quickly which caused me to bang my hand really hard and everyone heard. My cheeks burned as I spat out the correct answer. On the bus ride home we listened to my Ipod and grumbled over finals next week. Anyway, I've been wanting to do this so I thought today was a perfect day to tell the story of how we met. Or more correctly, how I aquired my v2 tamagotchi. My parents had stopped buying me tamas and the newest of my collection was a tamago and I was getting bored with it. The thing is, I dont get bored easily so this was an extreme. I've been begging my parents to get me a P1, P2, ocean, morino, devil or angel tamagotchi's online. They said no and that I was too old to play with them and I was all like . So I want to save my money to buy one but the problem is I have to use my parents ebay accounts to buy it and no way are they going to let me do that. They would freak which I think is weird because whenever my mom wants to buy another pair of shoes, purses, candles or clothes she does, no biggie. But when I want to buy something with my own money its always, "Its too expensive". Even though I found a tamagotchi angel for $30! So after many failed attempts I stopped asking and one day I brought my v4.5 to school and my freind Ann saw and she was like, "OMG! Is that a tamawhatchacallit?! *squeal* I used to have one when I was little. Its so cute! I would definatly pay for it." I instantly saw the profit in this and I didnt really like the design plus I liked my other v4.5 more...."Do you still have yours?" "I don't know. I can see..." "Bring it tommorow and maybe we can trade." "Okay ". So the next day she brought it and she pulled out an old v3 tamagotchi. Baby blue with little butterflys on it. We traded and Ann lasted about two weeks with hers then she stopped playing with it. After the two weeks I still didnt have a battery for it and I was bummed out. That morning on the bus my friend Ally came and we talked. I don't know how the topic of tamagotchis came into it but we started talking about them. Then she told me she had an old school tamagotchi and I got excited. I instantly thought of the P1 but then she said it was pink with flowers and shells on it. There went my dreams. I told her to bring it tommorow and I would look at it. The next day she did and I saw it and I fell in love with that tamagotchi. I instantly reconized it as a v2 and I got excited. This would be the oldest tamagotchi I ever owned so I convinced her to trade me for the v3 Ann traded me. When we did I was so happy. Then I used the old battery from my pokewalker and Rayne was born! Then it died and I bought another one at Target and then....well thats where we are now. Well I got to go eat dinner but I am a bit nervouse about that. The meat in the fridge dosent look all that fresh... . Anyway I have one favor to ask. I know there are poeple reading my log and since you are I would greatly appreiciate it if you replied to my log...or whatever its called when you say something about someones log. Wow....that was a terrible explanation...whatever I am too cool
  21. Okay so I just got back from the marathon in the city and we were there forever! We left at seven and I slept most of the way and then we cheered on my mom and after we went to breakfast, the zoo, lunch and back home. And I found Rayne!! I went downstairs, all sleepy eyed and sad that Rayne may not be able to go to the city with us and I asked my little sister if she knew where it was. She said, "Sunny, you put it in the garage because you were so excited to see the supermoon." And I said, "No, I put it behind the coffee pot." Then I decided to go look in the garage to see if she was telling the truth and wouldnt you know it that my v2 was sitting ontop of the outside refigerator......opssy.... . So...yeah....Rayne got to go with us! And she slept until 9 and then the race was already over and we went to breakfast. I had super gooey panckakes and Rayne almost had a heart attack when she saw how much syrup I had but I told her it was my life and I could do whatever I wanted! After breakfast we went to the zoo and we saw all the animals and rode the little train that goes through the zoo. I took pictures of Rayne chilling next to me on the train and with some animals so I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me how to upload pictures that would be great. Rayne was most excited to see the sea lions and when one of them popped up at the window she was so freaked out she almost had a seizure. I was all: I am way to cool to know you.... Then while I was taking pictures of Rayne I had out my phone and rearranged her in different poses and some lady behind us saw and was all like . We were hysterically laughing when we got out of the exhibit. Then on the train ride she chilled next to me and that train went by so slowly so people walking around the zoo saw us and waved. And of course me being me I waved to them and picked up Rayne and I did the piece sign with her. The people that waved got a little confused when they saw me with my tama but I was all WHATEVA....your just jelly. Rayne on the other hand was so mortified and embarresed that she didnt talk to me the entire trip on the train. So to back at her I took a ton of pictures of her on the train and her cheeks turned all red! So then we went to eat pizza and them i slept the entire way home. Also I know there are people who are viewing me log so can you please reply to me as soon as possible and tell me what i can do to make it stronger. I would be so happy . Well i got to go..my mom is bugging me to clean my room so peace tamatalkers!
  22. Hello everyone and welcome to my tamagotchi log for my v2 and I am excited to start my log. So first a little about myself, my name is Sunshine and I am fifteen years old but I started going on Tamatalk at fourteen so thats why my username is tamagotchigeek14. This is the third tamagotchi log I have started and the other two I didnt even get past post one. So I am ready to start anew and fresh and I promise the great Tamagotchi in the sky that i will do better with this one. *looks up at the moon* Oh, yeah!! Speaking of moon I guess I should tell you that im starting my log when i actually kind of lost my v2... But I can totally explain what happend! I was watching the Supermoon outside(who wasnt?) when I ran back inside to let my tamagotchi see it too. When I get to my room I grab her and run downstairs only to find her fast asleep and I'm like, "You couldnt wait to see the supermoon with me?!" I was thinking of setting her time to morning so she could see but i decided that would be rude so i let her sleep. I turned out her lights and set her behind the coffee machine so she wouldnt be seen by someone in the house that would throw her in my sisters toybox. After all the excitement of the supermoon I was ready for bed as well so I went to the coffee pot to get my tama when I see she's not there. By then I'm freaking out, thinking I put somewhere else and after searching the kitchen I cant find her anywhere! Now im in a full blown panic and I ask my parents where she is and they say, "No", looking not concerned at all! Thanks for the help guys. So I tear my room apart looking and she's not there either and by now I feel like crying since I cant find her. Then I realized that one of my sisters must of taken her to play with. So I run to one sister and she says that she dosent have my tama. I was about to run to my other sister when my parents told me she was asleep and I would have to ask when she wakes up in the morning and while I'm awake I should get some water and go on to bed. By then my face was so sad and messed up I gave them this expression: Just goes to show you that you got to be careful with your tamas around little kids. Anyway let me tell you about my v2. Her name is Rayne and she is a teenager, a young mametchi. She's just so darling and I love her. She's on her first generation and what happend was I started her up last week and I used a battery for my pokewalker and it died. And I didnt have time to get a new battery because I've been busy with my best friend having a baby and all. Finally today I went to Target and I bought two batteries and I had put my tama in my purse along with my little screwdriver so the second I paid for the batteries I put them in my v2. The lady at the register was all like: After that we enjoyed a nice Pepsi and we saw a soccer game and she helped me with my homework. Then I read her a few chapters of 'Kite Runner' and then the whole supermoon stuff started to go down. Tommorow my mom is running a marathon in the city so we are all going. I want to take Rayne so I hope I can find her by then. But we leave at seven in the morning and it takes two hours to get there. Last time I took her on a car ride all she did was complain about how car sick she was! I swear I was ready to throw her out the window. And then I put on some nice Nickleback and she grows livid telling me how much the band stinks and I was all like: Anyway I will post more once I find her. I'll let everyone know how fun it is to be in the city and I'll say how bad Rayne complains. Jk..... Well see you later and lets cross our fingers that I find her tommorow morning. The only thing that I wont tell her is that I lost her, otherwise she'll go crazy. Ah, kids.