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  1. Oh really? I sent one on January 5th as promised. Weird! That's okay, I'll send it again. Let me know if it doesn't come through!

  2. No i did not get it(:

  3. Hi! Did you get my latest PM, by any chance? I think my computer may have done something weird when I sent it so I'm not completely sure if it went through. Let me know if I need to send it again. Thanks! :)

  4. Just got back from my cousins. now im watching toy story 3 and texting Newwebkinzjava from youtube. he is amazing :D

  5. What I Got for Christmas(: 2 Tamagotchi V4.5's,Fushigi Ball, Camcorder, Snuggie!, Tamagotchi Wii, Tamagotchi corner shop 3, Trops, Soccer Ball, Make your own bouncy balls, Chia!(:, Webkinz Gecko,Webkinz Elephant, Webkinz Mountain Goat, Webkinz Hampster, I cant remember everything because im not in my bedroom lol, but thats some of it. Haha See Ya!(:

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    2. Dolphin Girl

      Dolphin Girl

      I got what you'd call nothing

    3. mew0099


      cool i lovve tamagotchi party on and tamagotchi corner shop three

    4. shwimp12


      There fun so far. my parents got me alot of clothes i also got a pillow pet(: i have more i just dont want to name some of them!(:

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone!(:

  7. group hatch+ tamatalk peeps= AWESOMENESS

  8. Love your background!

  9. Merry Christmas to You people who live on the other side of the world. Lol Christmas eve is today where i live. Tomorrow is CHRISTmas!

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    2. Tama_dude2010


      I know! But I use it when Im in a rush. :C

    3. Bunny_grl07


      Well, in history, x actually represented Christ, I'm pretty sure. xD

      But I agree, I like spelling it out completely.

    4. shwimp12
  10. Today was fun. My family and I made gingerbread house's. And my parents gave me a pair of keys!? i asked them what there for and they told me to go outside! i have a car! lol they got me a car for christmas. (even though christmas isnt for 2 more days) lol tomorrow is christmas eve. and now im texting on the computer, watching tv, and listening to music all at the same time lol

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    2. TamaGal2010


      Wooowwwww, congrats! Now you have a car for when you get your license. XD

    3. shwimp12


      Im so Happy! Lol I can't believe they would do that! XD

      I have to wait until im 16 to get my licence though..

    4. Tama_dude2010


      If I was lucky enough to get a car I would be as high as a kite. XD Until that day though its walking for me. :3

  11. I Got Kutchipatchi on my TamaGo!(: Yay!

  12. Ok 1 P.M. Sounds Good To. And Kdarcher238 You guys are a day before us so it will be Christmas before us lol.
  13. aww i had a nice sleep(:

  14. Yay! Lol ok ans yeah i agree use the V4