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  1. No i did not get it(:

  2. Just got back from my cousins. now im watching toy story 3 and texting Newwebkinzjava from youtube. he is amazing :D

  3. What I Got for Christmas(: 2 Tamagotchi V4.5's,Fushigi Ball, Camcorder, Snuggie!, Tamagotchi Wii, Tamagotchi corner shop 3, Trops, Soccer Ball, Make your own bouncy balls, Chia!(:, Webkinz Gecko,Webkinz Elephant, Webkinz Mountain Goat, Webkinz Hampster, I cant remember everything because im not in my bedroom lol, but thats some of it. Haha See Ya!(:

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    2. Dolphin Girl

      Dolphin Girl

      I got what you'd call nothing

    3. mew0099


      cool i lovve tamagotchi party on and tamagotchi corner shop three

    4. shwimp12


      There fun so far. my parents got me alot of clothes i also got a pillow pet(: i have more i just dont want to name some of them!(:

  4. Merry Christmas Everyone!(:

  5. Merry Christmas to You people who live on the other side of the world. Lol Christmas eve is today where i live. Tomorrow is CHRISTmas!

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    2. Tama_dude2010


      I know! But I use it when Im in a rush. :C

    3. Bunny_grl07


      Well, in history, x actually represented Christ, I'm pretty sure. xD

      But I agree, I like spelling it out completely.

    4. shwimp12
  6. Today was fun. My family and I made gingerbread house's. And my parents gave me a pair of keys!? i asked them what there for and they told me to go outside! i have a car! lol they got me a car for christmas. (even though christmas isnt for 2 more days) lol tomorrow is christmas eve. and now im texting on the computer, watching tv, and listening to music all at the same time lol

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    2. TamaGal2010


      Wooowwwww, congrats! Now you have a car for when you get your license. XD

    3. shwimp12


      Im so Happy! Lol I can't believe they would do that! XD

      I have to wait until im 16 to get my licence though..

    4. Tama_dude2010


      If I was lucky enough to get a car I would be as high as a kite. XD Until that day though its walking for me. :3

  7. I Got Kutchipatchi on my TamaGo!(: Yay!

  8. Ok 1 P.M. Sounds Good To. And Kdarcher238 You guys are a day before us so it will be Christmas before us lol.
  9. aww i had a nice sleep(:

  10. Yay! Lol ok ans yeah i agree use the V4
  11. Ok tomorrow is my last day until winter break. yes!

  12. Well... just found out i might not be getting a TMGC+C )*: my dad said he doesn't think my mom got it... well im officially sad.

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    2. phnx0313


      Ahh... Hopefully this does not spoil your parents surprise, but that is the oldest trick in the book. I hope you get one as well! ~Phnx

    3. eliptic-tensaitchi


      i don't even know if i got a hexagontchi for christmas =c

      i probaly didn't

    4. shwimp12


      Thanks All you random People you spruced up my day a bit! :/ lol actually its night time now.

      i really hope my dad was just kidding about that..

  13. More Snow And Ice. No School Tomorrow! Christmas is in 5 days! :D Tmgc+C Your almost in my hands!

  14. Its snowing and i can't sleep. i can't stop thnking about getting my Tamagotchi +Color for Christmas!!

  15. Bored. Playing with my TamaGo. Cant wait for Christmas! I Only 4 days left until i get my Tamagotchi+Color! Yay I'm so excited! Anybody have anything cool to tell me about them before i get mine? Lol Its the light blue one. And the way i know im getting it is because i got on my mom's ebay account. lol she need's to change the password. Haha :D Well See Ya

    1. shwimp12


      FYI: I'm getting my Tamagotchi+Color For Christmas which is in 4 days {Haha}

  16. Just went sledding with my cousins now were all on the couch watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas and eating popcorn, and drinking Hot Cocoa!(:

  17. What About Babygotchi? I'm sure Bandai has made some sort of Tamagotchi where you handle little tama's but, this one could be where the tamagotchi's stay babies and then you have to take them to tama Preschool. then after they grow older they go to Tama School then they keep growing and i thought that woulfd be a good idea. Sounds like the same old tamagotchi but, it would have the home Deka Tama, the tama school, the v4, and maybe the rest all in one. lol just an idea though.
  18. Morning Again TamaTalk!(:

    1. shwimp12


      More Snow... No School Tomorrow.

  19. Well it's almost time for me to go to sleep. (I don't have a bed-time BTW) lol

  20. Ok Yay! can we start the hatch say... Noon. (Central standard time)?
  21. To Tell The Truth I'm A Male OldSchoolTama. I was just wondering, and i though it would be a good question to ask. lol
  22. Im 15 now and im a boy.. My parents think im to old for tamagotchi and i even play webkinz still. I dont think of tamagotchi as a "Cheap toy that is a waste of time and money". I love them they are so fun i think of them as my actual playmate, companion, and friend. My parents wont buy them for me anymore): they say im to old but, my mom did my me the Tamagotchi+Color for Christmas so that will be cool(: Ill have to buy my own tamas now... but i guess thats ok because i love them that much. And besides that tamagotchi's are such a good stress reliever I love tamagotchi forever!
  23. Cant wait till christmas!(:

  24. Good Morning TamaTalk