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  1. Hey....when will you be on? well whenever you do lets chat! :)

  2. bla bla bla who cares if u report me cuz i reported u

  3. ok i know u want my tamago i need to take a pic for u so u can see it

    i need to post it

  4. hi thanx for the profile hello


  6. hi PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE give me uwasatchi !!!!!!

  7. do u have uwasatchi im uwasatchi4 please pm me novemeber,5 2010 thank u!

  8. hi i would like 2 know the uwasatchi code ... TM Edit: Please note that the Tamagotchi Codes forum is for sharing codes you have found and tested yourself. It is not for rumours or cheats you've "found" on other sites - nor is it for asking questions! (Use Help for New Tama Owners!) Please read the guidelines pinned at the top of this forum page : http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=6168 Thanks!
  9. hi every one i have been a member on tamatown.com for a very long time i have filled in all my characters for tamago EXCEPT UWASATCHI i was wondering if any 1 would be nice enough to give me the code i love uwasatchi and that would be awesome if u could give me the code here my name is uwasatchi4 for tamatalk or u can meet me at tamacraze and tell me there my name is uwasatchilover. tamago fan, Uwasatchi4 if u have the code just PM me thanx and i will be happy to trade u any code for uwasatcho code not to mention i have all the tamagotchi music star codes so just ask ill trade thanx, uwasatchi4
  10. hi u have uwasatchi code