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  1. is the cat on your photo your cat? the cat's so cute!!

  2. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  3. IM ASAIN TOOOO!!!!!!!

  4. Out comes my friend. Inserts my friend.
  5. I saw my friend playing with one, one day, i saw one at a shop and picked it up then we preceded to play together
  6. BOB evolved from petitchi to Hidotetchi
  7. Today, I started up my tamagotchi v6. 5:51 PM BOB is welcome to the world with open hands By the way BOB is a girl. She is a petitchi and is born with a panda and a turntable. Right now she has 30 Original 0 Rhythym and 0 Tone. 3/4 Food 3/4 Happy UPDATE: She pooped a few times on the floor and became sick once D: Right now. 0 yr 3/4 Hungry 4/4 Happy 0 Stress 0 Tone 30 Rhythm 30 Original Classical Music 5lb
  8. Asian


    lol i love digimon really badly as much as pokemon and tamagotchis
  9. somehow i am really attracted to chikorita
  10. There is like 20+ people in this hatch. cant wait