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  1. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all my fellow TamaTalkers!

    1. Deru-sama


      Happy Holidays, graficks!

  2. I may be a little biased - but some of the vintage P1 and P2s are great additions since this is where the craze all started. If you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend having one or two (or a dozen) to your collection. Have fun!
  3. *Nudge* Hi there! :D

    1. graficks


      Howdy! Long time hey? I miss everyone here!

    2. tamapalace
  4. I was once a part of this group and they are a great group of people over there. I would imagine the group is closed mostly in part to moderation tactics and protecting member privacy - and of course - to help avoid spam and inappropriate posts since Tamagotchi collectors greatly vary in age. That being said, thanks for sharing those links! They are great resources to aid in Keter's quest in finding all the P1/P2 shell designs - which are my absolute favourite btw!
  5. Hi! Thanks so much for the birthday greeting! It's been a great year so far! Hope you've been doing well! :)

  6. Hey!! :)

    1. graficks


      Hey long time no see ;) How goes it?

  7. Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that all is well on your end. :)

  8. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  9. It's been a while! How's everyone doing?

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    2. graficks


      It's good to see you OST! I've been great, once a Tama fan, always a Tama fan! ^_^ How are you these days?

    3. OldSchoolTama


      That's the truth! :) I've been well. Just working and selling our house so that we could move into one closer to both my husband's and my families. Hope to see you around the forums!

    4. graficks


      That's great news OST - glad things are well. You'll definitely be seeing me around!

  10. Happy birthday, graficks! Hope you're doing fine!

  11. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day. :) Hope all is well!

    1. graficks


      Thanks OST! Hope you are well too!

  12. Happy birthday! It's been a while since you posted on here. c:

    1. graficks


      Thank you! It's been a great day so far!