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  1. Hellz yes. xD


  2. Ur profile has been totally Mikufied. xD

  3. :o Another Vocaloid lover?!
  4. Defiantly the 4.5! Take it from a person who's had both! You'll have more fun with a 4.5. With a 4.5 you don't have to spend MORE money just to actually have fun with it.
  5. Oh, now I can tell you like Vocaloid.

    *Points to your background* xD

  6. I think that the IDs are girly. With the whole Crystal feel, ya know? But oh well, what can we do? +Colors are neutral.
  7. I love my tamagotchi angel! I wouldn't say they were worth the NIB price, though.
  8. I lost 3V4.5's, 2V5's, 2V4's, and one V3.
  9. I found out what was wrong. Though I'm not sure this happens to all Tamagotchi Angels, the little "screen saver" was a power save for when the battery is going to die. I changed my batteries and I'm pleased to see that I'm finding no hints of this little "power save".
  10. I know, I can't do it. I'm sorry.

  11. Mattaritchi. OH MY GOD. I hate him. I WOULD throw my tama out the window if I get him again!
  12. i need to remind you your in the christmas hatch on tama zone youve missed two days :/