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  1. I love Lovelitchi too ^_~

  2. Hey everyone! sorry I didn't post yesterday I was busy with basketball. So Lizzie is doing great! I think she loves being a belltchi so much that she forgets that she is going to change! What was that mom? Don't act like I cant hear you! So what does this mean? I'm going to change? Why? Yes Lizzie, you are going to change, but it will be great! You will look even cuter than you do now. I'm sure of it. you have nothing to worry about, everyone here on Tamatalk will still love you! Thanks mom. And speaking about tamatalk, how many views did we have? 28! I think that's pretty good how about you? Great!! Oh an mom the School Teacher came to the house yesterday so I signed up for school! Oh! okay that's great! but I wish that you would have told me about this! when do you have to me at achool? well, School starts in 20 minuets. What?!?! Oh Lizzie. Okay here eat some sausage and go! Sausage? gross... Oh lizzie! now is NOT the tme to argue, now go have a nice day! I love you! handful that little thing! okay bye!
  3. This is my Tama~Go!! and I was wondering, How should I decorate it because it is kind of boring. so do you guys have any ideas?? Click here to see it!!!
  4. Wow! they look great! if you don't mind me asking where did you get those sequin thingys? i look for them EVERYWHERE! and i can never find them!!!
  5. Well, first of all i kind of agree with you. it is a little simple, I was hoping for it to be more like the version 6. But I love the "walking" feature, and the characters. what I don't like about it is when they get married they have to wait 4 days or something like that to have a kid, I wish that was sooner. One way that I enjoy it more is I have a log! It's fun and exciting! Check it out in my signature! thanks!
  6. Hey everyone it's me! Yeah so Lizzie is asleep, Finally. So I took a few pictures, well scanned them actually! she's sleeping in the picture, so you can't really see much but I thought you guys would want to see it! let me know if you like it and I will probably take a few more tomorrow if I have the time, and I'll be sure to upload those too! Okay well that's all for now! Check it out here!
  7. Hey Everyone, Lizzie went to bed a while ago, and i allready miss her!! I'll be sure to update my log tomorrow too and i hope everyone likes my profile!! i worked hard on it! my two fave tamagotchis are planetchi and lovetchi!! kk Byee!

  8. Hey! I'm Christina and this is going to be my fun Tama~Go log! I have the white Kutchipatchi Tama~Go that I have had for a while, I picked it back up today and hopefully will keep this log going! Okay so my color will be this one, and my Tamagotchi, Lizzie will have blue as her color! Okay Lizzie, say hi! Hello Everyone! I'm Lizzie, and I'm sure that Christina has already told all of you pleanty about me, so I don't have much to say except, Hi Tamatalk! Well, I really haven't told them anything, except your name. Sorry Lizzie. Oh! well that's fine! Now I can talk even more! Okay well hello everyone, I am a Belltchi Tamagotchi. I'm Zero years old and 30 lbs, still first generation. I think I am the cutest thing anyone has ever seen! 30 lbs?!? Whoa Lizzie we need to go and work those pounds off! I don't want you to be the fat kid at school! It would break my heart to see you being made fun of! Now do you want that? I don't think so! Let's go play log jumper. Oh my gosh mom! way to embarrass me on the first day of the job! and besides I'm not even in school yet so what are you worrying about? Okay fine maybe I'm over reacting a little bit, but if we keep up this bad habit then you will keep gaining weight and then it will be even harder to get rid of it! Fine mom. Just can I at least go by myself? it will be a little weird if your there. Okay, Bye! be back before dinner! Yep she sure is a hassle, but I still love her! I should probably help her with losing weight, In all my other generations of tamagotchi's they were all billionaires! we will just have to wait and see! see you guys later! I'll be sure to post more tomorrow!! Oh and also, any questions please im me!