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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

  2. Guess who finally has a Tama.P... *hint* It's me. ~Yaaay!♥~

    1. bunbutchi



      Are you gonna put the english patch on it?

    2. lesbianpride!


      Woop! Awesome!

    3. phnx0313


      Sorry to reply so late... if you even read this, but I do not need the English patch because I speak and read Japanese. ~Phnx

  3. How has it been another year since I made an update? I swear I was on here not too long ago. T___T ~IDL♥~

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a fantastic day and that all is well with you. :)

    1. OldSchoolTama


      Oops! Seems like I am a little early. I hope you have a wonderful day anyway. :)

    2. phnx0313


      I am just happy you send me a Birthday Wish. Thank you!!! ^^;; <3 ~Phnx

  5. Happy Birthday?? ((You sold me my IDL.)) ~Phnx

  6. Could someone update me?? When I took my break... we were on Tamagotchi P release. T___T ~confused~

    1. Tinkalila


      Welcome back! In case you didn't know, a new black and white version called Tamagotchi Friends was released in the UK! ^u^

    2. tamatown123


      Hey again! If you want to know more about the above release you can look here - (:

    3. furbitchi


      Also aside from that there are many new tamadeco pierces now not just one about 12 with various spin offs with other companies and franchises

  7. >______>?? ~Phnx

    1. ciara683


      long time no tamatalk gurl.

    2. phnx0313


      Hi hi. I see you're still active too. That makes me happy. I'm so out of the loop now though. -___-;; ~Phnx

  8. Happy birthday! Haven't seen you on in a while. I hope all is well on your end. Have a great day! :)

    1. phnx0313


      Thank you soooo much for the birthday wish!!! ♥ ♥ (((Happy Belated to you too, yes??)) I am well and excited to see that you're still active. ^^;; ~Phnx

  9. Tinkering with my new IDL ((Thanks to Aliciavz88)). I will do a test run, but no proper logging until I return from my trip. ~Traveling~

    1. OldSchoolTama


      How was your trip? Glad you have an iDL...and it's white like Yuetchi! Looking forward to your logging. :)

  10. Hmm, if it's your birthday then I hope it is super awesome and filled with many happy memories. ♥ ~Phnx

    1. OldSchoolTama


      It is my birthday today! Thank you so much for the wonderful greeting. :)

  11. (Bad News) My Entama is "Paused". (Good News) After 22months, I should finally have an IDL to join Yuetchi. ♥ ~Excitement~

    1. OldSchoolTama


      Very exciting! Have you thought of a name yet? Can't wait to see pictures. :)

    2. phnx0313


      I have a few ideas, but normally I wait until I have it in my hands to decide for sure. Things like the shell designs are important to see in person. I'm actually planning to start Yuetchi again sometime before Friday (possibly to try a Maisutachi test). So hopefully they should be together. ^^;; ~Phnx

  12. Sometimes I wish paypal had a face... So I could kick it. The changes since last time I bought Tamagotchi are annoying -___-;; ~Boo.Boo.Boo~

  13. Finally started up my CYOI Entama. Thank the Stars for old TT archives and ((Binary)) for always being knowledgeable. @___@;; ~Logging♥~

    1. OldSchoolTama


      Ahhh! I love your latest log! Not that your old ones weren't great but it's wonderful to see you logging again! :)

    2. phnx0313


      It feels good to be back as well. I'm sure you know it's very helpful as a blogger to know that people actually read your entries. Thank you for being the first to compliment me! ♥ ~Phnx

  14. I see you lurking around there. I've been doing the same. :D So sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was amazing! How are you?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. phnx0313


      When they were 5 I preferred JYJ members, so when they split ironically my 3 "bias" left together. Until Catch Me album released a few weeks ago, the songs released by HoMin took a long time to appeal me (except B4UGo). Favorite songs DB5K:: Whatever they Say, Love in the Ice, Wrong Number. Yourself? ^^;; ~Phnx

    3. OldSchoolTama


      Some songs are like that for me too, on both sides and even when they were 5. I'm still making my way through their very impressive and extensive repertoire of music, but some of my favorites so far are Bolero, Why Did I Fall in Love With You?, Mirotic, Wrong Number, O, Love in the Ice, and Stand By U. There are a handful of JYJ and HoMin songs that I like as well...

    4. OldSchoolTama


      ...Yoochun was my first bias. I saw him in Rooftop Prince (recommendation from a friend) and that's how it all started for me. Since then, I've pretty much shifted biases at one point for each and currently, I'm settled on Changmin. :)

  15. Has it arrived yet? (I found it on the actual site) I wanna know if it's in japanese now. o.o ~Phnx