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  1. I don't have anything to read... which is weird. In school I'm reading various textbooks, haha.
  2. IFKR :D Homestuck is the BEST.

  3. Nothing I like MSPA. It's just that you didn't like it before and you used to get mad at Mimi when she would talk about it.

  4. Sekirei: Pure Engagement is amazing<3
  5. Oh no, Claire likes MSPA D:

  6. MOTHER - Oh yeah, I'm not on Facebook

    1. mew0099


      That makes two of us, then.

  7. Anybody else cannot sleep? I usually can't- I'm super tired. *yawn* It's five o'clock in the morning here xD
  8. Dear Loving Mother, Please stop overreacting about the littlest things. KTHX-Julian
  9. No, I have a table outside that i put it on :)

  10. I hate this part- The Pussycat Dolls reminds me of a time when I had so much hope for things. I loved everything and everyone. I realized how great the world could be. Things are pretty cloudy right now mentally. I hope to return to that time, one day.
  11. @ The Butler : This topic was last posted in over a year and a half ago.
  12. You can't because you are a lazy bum! NO ILY CLAIRE I DIDN'T MEAN NOTHING! I wish I was taller.
  13. Does anybody put a bowl outside to gather up fresh snow then put mix sugar in it then eat it? It's delicious, jus sayin.

    1. kwibunni


      yum! i wanna try that. but we didnt get snow yet. :(

    2. TamaMum


      If I left a bowl outside my kitchen door, a cat would probably pee in it XD

  14. Yeah, I mean it's not really that big of deal. But most of the time in a guy/girl friendship they do have feelings for each other. It may not be like lovey dovey feelings but more... -Is dragged into a deep dark bottomless pit because he has no idea what he's talking about-
  15. Stargirl from " Stargirl" and " Love, Stargirl" Meeting her would be amazing!<3
  16. When you love someone and they break your heart don't give up on love, just have faith restart.