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  1. Oh oh, so if I let my oldie die , will I lost all my gifts, food, objects, GP and so?
  2. IT'S ALIVE! -.-.-.-.-.- Well, I still need help about this topic. I've got my first oldie too, she's Titi and it's 16 years old. I don't want her to die, I'd rather prefer her having a partner... but I've already read that oldies don't get the matchmaker visit anymore so sad. So, what should I do? I want also the generation to go on and so... So, resetting my tama will make me lose all my points and stuff I've got? I'm worried about this. Also, I don't have ANY friend with a tamagotchi, so I can't ask for help from a friend to have babies with Titi My tama is a v4.5 and it seems that I ALWAYS missed the matchmaker -.- terribly. But honestly, I always have the tamagotchi with me (I dislike it very much when their hearts are empty) so maybe matchmaker never came or I just... missed her :| Thanks in advance xx
  3. So, tamagotchi iD isn't available in America? :=(