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    You can add me on facebook : Yuki Purple Nagato.

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    Probably the V3 or V6!
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    I have 2 V3s' running 2 v4s' 1 v4.5 2 v5's and 2 music stars... I want a Tama-Go so badly........ And I defo need a v1 and v2's
  1. your a very nice person!

  2. Kyoooo even though I'm a boy >.> I love fruits baskets and kyo has the same color hair as me
  3. My v5 has had one baby before O.O It's meant to do that...
  4. I got a v4 and v2, so now I have 11 tamagotchis :D

  5. :@ I'm so bored, but it's CHRISTMAS TOMORROW!!!!

  6. This 'sorta' happened to me : I went to connect my 2 version 5's and one went to the download and reset screen, but mine never turned off :/
  7. I know it's old but I'm thinking about upgrading all the other tama towns because they get abit boring, espically the V3 tama town.....
  8. I'm.... So.... Bored...