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  1. ei bro how much did u buy your tamago??

  2. thnk u oldschooltama imma try buying some instruments so i can see what my tama likes...
  3. hi... im just wondering if any of u know any guide on what a character's favorite instrument is??? im new in this tamagotchi business but i've read topics about getting the right instrument... can sumone help me on this... thnk u
  4. PH1968 here ^^ im just new to this tamagotchi thing XD still getting the hang of it ^^ see u in town
  5. hi guys... im just curious if tamago is available in the philippines??? if so.. can anyone tell me where i can get one and how much? ^-^ thnx for answering... im a newbie when it comes to tamagotchis and im thinking of buying my first one thnx a lot ^^