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  1. In Real Life by TryHardNinja. Conversation between me and people at school last year: "What's your favourite music genre?" "What's a music genre?" "You know, like pop, rock, classical..." "Oh...pop, I guess, then." WHY DID NOBODY EVER TELL ME ABOUT VIDEO GAME THEMED MUSIC?!?!?!?!?! I'm never listening to horrible love songs again.
  2. Wow I can't believe we didn't have this thread already...WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TV SHOW/ANIME/WHATEVER?? You all know mine...My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic I don't watch anything else, anime really isn't my thing and nor are boring shows about people falling in love
  3. The latest "Recent Status Updates" status update reminded me I was going to say this but then I got locked out of my account and stuff - I wanted to apologise for being rude and mean and stuff. I don't want to write a huge essay here so just watch the MLP episode "One Bad Apple", it's pretty much my life story and explains my behaviour :P

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I've seen One Bad Apple :)

  4. I go to the languages club at my school (actually I AM the languages club...not really a club and more a person...yay) and I do 6 weeks of each different language. I COMPLETELY agree about the pronunciation, when I did Polish I'd just pronounce everything horribly wrong, the equivalent of saying "Tamagotchi" as "Tumogashy". Seriously.
  5. What is this topic even about...? Is it a game or just some kind of random funny thing?
  6. My dad and brother both went through a phase of being obsessed with that game, and then quit. I used to enjoy it a bit, but I wasn't really any good.
  7. The code is different for every Tama. But I can give you oyur specific Tama's code, and you hardly have to do a thing.
  8. I just had an idea while creating my new TamaTown Music City Account - what would be even more fun than doing it on my own would be to have a group of TamaTalkers who I can share the account with! If you decide to join the Group Account, here are the RULES FOR THE GROUP ACCOUNT: 1. NO CHEATS. Everything must be done FAIRLY and AS A TEAM. No cheats are accepted; not even million point codes and point Generators! 2. PLEASE WORK AS A TEAM. It is not fair if we assign roles (e.g. one must decorate the room, another must be in charge of points) to one another, especially if we give someone a role they disagree with. 3. NO HACKING. Do NOT send items from the Group Account to your own account, or change the password of the Group Account so that no-one but you can access it. 4. NO VOTING FOR OURSELVES. Voting for the Group Account more than 3 times (when you are a member of the Group Account) is CHEATING. No cheating is allowed. 5. DON'T TAKE OVER. The Group Account is not meant to have a "leader" or certain people making all the decisions. 6. DON'T DELETE OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK. This includes CD's, items, trophies and EARNED character dolls. 7. DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ABILITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE. No making your individual TamaTown account famous (using the Group Account) is allowed. NO EXCUSES. HOW TO JOIN THE GROUP ACCOUNT: 1. Send me a PM entitled "I want to join the Group Account!". Don't worry about making the message polite; you can just say "hi i wanna join" or anything that is NOT spam. 2. I will reply, and we might have a short conversation. This will be to test that you are NOT a hacker. 3. When I feel I can trust you, I will give you the User ID and Pass Word for the account. 4. You may Log On and do as you wish, but REMEMBER TO FOLLOW THE RULES!! Please send me a PM entitled "Question about Group Account" if you have anything to ask about this topic. Thank you. -Dolphin Girl
  9. LOL my real name is ****** I can't actually tell you it since I'm not allowed to. For obvious safety reasons. OTHER KIDS OUT THERE TELLING UR REAL NAMES IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!! But my username doesn't give much away.
  10. I wish I had entered while I had the chance! It's just...If I'd asked my mom if I could enter...well, let's just say she would be ULTRA MEGA MAD that I wanted to enter it. Oh how I wish I was allowed to take part in Tama contests, go out with friends, have a mobile phone and drink Cola and go shopping like everyone else... *sighs*
  11. The TamaTown account, unfortunately, was registered with my online friend's email address (it's our shared account). I have, of course tried contacting this person, but their TamaTalk Inbox seems to be full and they aren't replying to my message I sent them via a different forum that they definitely go on.
  12. LOLのso101isfunは、"Hi"が日本で非常に長い言葉です! ****はGoogle Translateは、英語にso101isfunの日本語の文章を翻訳するために使用され LOL bet you can't Google Translate that one! SEE YA!
  13. I don't know why some people's sentences aren't coming out Is anyone failing to translate into Japanese? Are you not using Google Translate? Does anyone know why sentences aren't turning out? The main flaw I see is that the beginnigs of the sentences are not at all muddled.
  14. Please can someone tell me how to recover a forgotten password when you don't know your TamaTown account's email address or security questions. Thank you.
  15. I accidentally posted on this topic, and I can't delete my post.