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  1. thanks you guys! yeah, i do have a violetchi TMGO character.
  2. I discoved Tamagotchi by the V3 commercial. I thought the Tamagotchis looked so cute! The tune was catchy too!
  3. The Tamagotchi V3 commercial was stuck in my head! You know the one that says something like this: "Passwords here, travel there. Tama Tama Tamagotchi!" I wanted one so bad so my mom got me a V4.5 Tamagotchi for Christmas. It's the Hawaiian Blue one.
  4. I bought a Violetchi Tama-Go fig today and her shop has no items! When I go into her shop, whenever I press a button, it justs asks me if I want to close her shop. What's wrong? Do I have to wait a while or something? Please help. Thank you.
  5. hey! your TS9520? I'm friends with you on Tamagotchi Music City! My ID is CL9999! :)

  6. I can't remember what movie I last bought, but I do remember what movie I last rented: Toy Story 3
  7. I don't like that show. I don't really like Selena Gomez either.
  8. My favorite types of shows are cartoons and reality! If you picked other, please post you're favorite type.
  9. My favorite character is Gir! He's so cute and funny!! My two favorite Gir quotes: 1. "Are we gonna ride the sun home?" (episode:Walk of Doom) 2. "Hi floor! Make me a sammich!" (episode:Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff)
  10. One night around 1 am my Furby woke up and started laughing. I was super freaked out!! I took it and ran to the garage and threw it in there carelessly. (hey I was still sleepy) Years later, I was helping my mom clean the garage and I found my Furby! Suprisingly it wasn't damaged!! Now I have it with me once again. ^-^
  11. I love my Furby. The creepy thing is, it sometimes wakes up at night and has this weird laughter.
  12. I attacks you with my cookies... WAIT I HAVE COOKIES?! *noms*

    1. mametchifan1996


      can i have some?


  13. OMG! I have forgoten about aquapets! I don't know what happened to mine! I loved her! I had the "Bunni." She had one ear, dots for eyes, and was the color yellow. Oh how I miss her.