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  1. Random Quote of the Day: If Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner got married, they would both be Taylor Lautner.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. What?


      No offense, but Taylor Swift probably wouldn't be able to hold a relationship that long.

    3. RNBWprincess


      Yes because Taylor's gonna get married anytime soon XD

    4. RNBWprincess


      Swift relationships

  2. This is for all the fans of this one awesome series. So get talking! Enjoy!
  3. I would be Rainbow Wonka Nerds. What if you woke up and were sky diving?
  4. A Glute eating a Lum on a sticky measure Chest. (Rayman Origins reference, Tricky Treasures thing.)
  5. Gets to know the people, dicide I don't like any of them, throw my thoughts to
  6. I hate it when my dad uses me as a plunger. XD
  7. I don't always eat watches, but when I do I make sure it's wacky colored.
  8. I'd talk by leaking ink. What if you woke up and you were a snake?
  9. Random Quote of the Day: I like waffles!

  10. I've had sea monkeys two times before, and both "tribes" of sea monkeys had unfortinate ends. The first of the tribes where given to me when I was five, I would always check up on them and watch my mother feed them. Their unforinate ending was by my cat. He jumped up to where we kept them to see what they were, when he had watched them for a few minutes he decided to rub up against their tank and dropped them. The second tribe of sea monkeys died of to much sunlight.
  11. Hi Zerimar11 here this is my tama log I'm kinda new at making logs so I hope you like it. Log 1 Dec.1st.,7:50 pm: Tama(s) currently running: Tama-Go Status: I currently have a happily married Ojitchi. I'm expecting his wife (Otokitchi) to have a baby tomorrow so I'll post if it's a boy or girl tomorrow. Gen.2 right now. Goodbye for now, Zerimar11