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    Horses, Warrior cats, and Tamagotchis!

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  1. Soo.... another horse/Tamagotchi lover here? I happen to be OBSESSED with horses! Do you ride horses often?


    :D Thanks for adding me to your friends!

  3. You can find your username by highlighting the information icon and pressing button "A" until you see a picture of your tama and the word "username." Your username should be underneath it.
  4. Masktchi (who seems really popular) is also a Universal character, so keep up with your current care. If you do, your tama will grow into either Masktchi, Hanatchi, and Pyonkotchi (the exact character can't be determined, as it's pretty random.)
  5. On my Chamametchi, I would wait about 40 seconds max before responding to her calls. My TamaGo's growth: Nokotchi-> Hoshitchi-> Shelltchi-> Chamametchi Hope this helped!
  6. I took my v4 once, and I was bending down to pick up a pencil, and it dropped out of my pocket (which wasn't zipped).... way too close. Now I don't take it very often.
  7. The three possible universal characters that are female: Masktchi, Pyonkotchi, and Hanatchi. Hope this helped
  8. It has done pretty well in preschool and school-- I always get as many skill points out of it each day as possible.
  9. No-- well, I paused it once, but not for more than half an hour.
  10. My TamaGo is a Chamametchi! Yay! Her growth: Baby- Nokotchi Toddler- Hoshitchi Adult- Chamametchi
  11. My Memetchi v4 is acting like a regular adult in every way (favorite food, sleep/wake time, etc.), except that she has not yet received the [!] post that usually indicates her first job. Her skill points are fairly normal: Intel.- 66 Arts- 246 Social- 48 And I've been giving more or less average care. What's going on?