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    Happiness, love, care. All thing needed to keeep a tamagotchi happy and healthy! <3 i love friends, family, and YOU! Happiness is awesome! I also like hello kitty and nail polish.

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    Itchigotchi, and baby mametchi
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    my zebra 1 and my snake skin 1. (they just had 2 babys! congrats!)
    zebra 1= mabel
    snakeskin 1= tot

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  1. so, i had a tip for you guys: WHEN THE TAMAGOTCHIS LOVE EACHOTHER AND THE SCREEN GOES BLACK WITH FIREWORKS: TO GET A LARGER CHANCE OF GETTING 2 BABY BOYS: PRESS ABC ABC ABC ABC ABC UNTILL THE FIREWORKS GO OFF. TO GET A MORE LIKELEY CHANCE OF GETTING 2 BABY GIRLS, PRESS A OR DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS UNTILL THE FIREWORKS GO OFF. note: when the girl has a weird face after the fireworks- dont worry! (b4 i thought she was dying.) lol when you reset your tamagotchi, (say if it died or you just reset it because,) follow the previous steps and it will be easier to get the gender of your choice. also, when your tamas have a baby together before they get maried, it is highly unlikely for them to get married after the baby is born, before they leave the baby on its own. the parents will leave atleast two days after they have the babys. they begin to leave at exactly 12:00am. They will stare at the baby for a short period of time, smile then leave. It is sad to watch this but it's tamagotchi life, everyone moves on. one time i got a scary tamagotchi character when i was six, so that gave me a reason to neglect it. i am sad i did because that was mean. Just because your tamagotchi might be ugly, DO NOT abandon/neglect it. It will eventually evolve, possibly into something better! <3 Always take care of your tamagotchi! LOVE IT! and on the plus side, you can start a new generation with that tamagotchi! <3 ALSO! I WANTED TO KNOW IF ANYONE HAD ANY UNWANTED OR BROKEN TAMAGOTCHIS! I AM WILLING TO BUY THEM AT A MINIMUM TO MAXIMUM (REASONABLE) PRICE! PLEASE CONTACT ME BY INBOXING ME! <3
  2. Have you ever had an emergency? Maybe it was a mega zit before a date, or maybe you had smelly armpits, or maybe even a series of uncontrollable farts! What has happend to YOU?
  3. Have you ever been in a situration when you were sad or depressed, and one special person does something that made your whole day much brighter? How about someone else was having a bad day. did you make them have a better day? Maybe it was by cracking a joke, or maybe aven a simple smile or wave. You never know, but it happens all the time. The Supermarket so a few days ago, i was at the supermarket with my mom. There was this girl. She looked about my age(maybe a little older) but i beleive she had down sydnrome or some type of disorder. I smiled at her and waved. She looked at me with a happy/surprised look on her face. She smiled back and waved. It made me happy for the rest of the day. I cant help but think, it might have been the only smile she might have gotten in a while.
  4. Have you ever gotten something but later found out it was fake after you told all of your friends about it? How did you find out? What was the item?
  5. Have you ever gotten something, but later found out it was a fake after you showed all of your friends? How did you find out, what was the item?
  6. so my girl and boy tamagotchi mated a couple of hours ago. they both have a baby girl, and they are just walking around doing nothing. the boy is 3, the girl is 4, they are not married. i need help, how long will the parents stay, and wil the babys ever leave? cause i want a boy and a girl, but i got 2 girls as the product. help me please!