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    in a land, far, far away...
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    Earthbound, Danganronpa, Digimon, Pokemon, Gravity falls, Steven Universe... And of course, Tamagotchi!

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    3 v4s, 1 v4.5, 2 v3s and a Tama go.
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    You should probably ask me first.
  1. yattatchi425

    What is the first videogame you've ever played?

    Probably either Pokemon sapphire, or one of the Mario advance games. i Still have my Gameboy advance SP and many of the games i had, but the Mario titles seem to be missing! (Mario is missing. How ironic.)
  2. yattatchi425

    The Rentchi & Stimpytchi Show

    actually its pochitchi, not kuchipatchi.
  3. yattatchi425

    What is the avvie above you saying? (third remake)

    "i've lived in a v3 and v4.. but this is definitely new."
  4. yattatchi425

    What is the avvie above you saying? (third remake)

    "we're too cool for you."
  5. yattatchi425

    Do you want to build a snowman?

    i really loved the movie frozen! it was such a funny movie, and had an interesting setting and story. it managed to be heart warming and heart breaking all at the same time, which is pretty hard to accomplish. my favorite characters were olaf, kristoff, and elsa.
  6. yattatchi425

    What is the avvie above you saying? (third remake)

    "walking around this screen is getting boring-tchi."
  7. yattatchi425

    You're banned!

    you're banned for having an exclamation point at the end of your username.
  8. yattatchi425

    Which of these words would you rather shout in a busy mall

    i dont know why, but i would totally hide in a rack of coats at a clothing department and yell "MOOOOOO."
  9. yattatchi425

    You're banned!

    your banned for having so much mametchiness in your signature.
  10. yattatchi425

    favourite/least favourite mlp episodes :D

    my favorite episode is probably the royal wedding episodes, read it and weep, and more recently pinkie pride. (i love weird Al yankovic!) (rainbow is best main six pony.)
  11. yattatchi425

    You're banned!

    You're banned because your signature made me think about atoms.
  12. yattatchi425

    Favorite YouTuber?

    dang do i have a lot. here they are, in no particular order... LPers: Cryaotic, NicoB, pewdiepie, chuggaaconroy, Game Grumps, Skydoesminecraft, ASF jerome, Brisulph, MadameWario, arglefumph, Marriland, Rooster teeth, Stampylonghead, Lucahjinn, Pushing Up Roses, TheCampingRusher, SirEldricIV, DeceasedCrab Reviewers: ashens, LuckyPennyShop, BinsToyBin, the AVGN, Ebolaworld, JonTron, DigiBrony, EvantubeHD, FamiliarFacesChannel, Mandalorian30 Animations/Other cool stuff: FluffyMixer, BronyDanceParty, DYKgaming, Game theory, Egoraptor, FLuffeTalks, Hotdiggedydemon, Kipkay, Magic of Rahat, Matt3756, OwnagePranks,Shaytards, Smosh, TheFineBros, Vsauce, theJWittz
  13. yattatchi425


    depends on the version you have, but i always used to pause mine when i was at school. look up "how to pause a tamagotchi ___" and put the version you have in the blank. that should help some. :>
  14. yattatchi425

    dogge doodles tamagotchis: request a tama!

    when you find the time, i request yattatchi! (also, is requesting another later allowed, cause from that mimitchi your art is super adorable! )
  15. yattatchi425

    What inspired your user name?

    my favorite 'lil tama on my favorite version, Yattatchi! im not even sure why i like her so much, to be honest. she just always struck me as adorable. the 425 part has always been a part of my usernames: ever since i first made an account a long while back on club penguin. i accidentally typed in "425" instead of "725" (which is my birthday, 7/25) but i stuck with it because it sounded cool. silly, i know.