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  1. Yearly check in! How are you doing Tamatalkers? I found a 20th anniversary plush of Ginjirotchi out of the blue... For only 3 bucks, too! Not sure how much of a steal that is, but i was happy to own it. It even has a little squeaker inside! See you next year!

  2. Lot's can change over the years, huh? I'm going through old posts on here and... Wow, i was quite something, pfffff. Anyway, i graduated last year and its cool seeing the forum i loved so much when i was only 10 is still thriving! Have a wonderful day Tamatalk!

  3. Time for my yearly check in on my first and favorite forum! Hope all you guys and gals on TT are having a good day!

  4. *blows dust off account* been a while, huh

  5. I think it's become my routine to check in on tamatalk every year and a half or so, heheh

  6. Probably either Pokemon sapphire, or one of the Mario advance games. i Still have my Gameboy advance SP and many of the games i had, but the Mario titles seem to be missing! (Mario is missing. How ironic.)
  7. Hey all, just checking up on tamatalk since its been well over half a year since i've been on! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday.

  8. i think i chose a good day to visit TT. HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!

  9. actually its pochitchi, not kuchipatchi.
  10. i really loved the movie frozen! it was such a funny movie, and had an interesting setting and story. it managed to be heart warming and heart breaking all at the same time, which is pretty hard to accomplish. my favorite characters were olaf, kristoff, and elsa.
  11. you're banned for having an exclamation point at the end of your username.
  12. i dont know why, but i would totally hide in a rack of coats at a clothing department and yell "MOOOOOO."