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  1. this is the 3rd time total I have gotten out of bed today. I think I need some help.

  2. I got an ipod TOUCH! holy crap I only asked for a nano. this is amazing.

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      Haha this is like seriously reallllly crazy to me xD

  3. Hey, guess who learned how to play Magic the Gathering last night AND kicks butt at it? [Meee!]

  4. Okay, So first off, If you guys want to watch a scary movie, DO NOT WATCH 'DRAG ME TO HELL' Seriously, worst movie I've ever seen. Kind of. Anywho, a robber came and stole 500 points, Leaving me and Dally with zippo. And he got accepted into preschool. Lets see how he does: Ms. Teacher: HELLO LITTLE CHILD! Ready to have a fun filled learning experience?! Dally: -looks back at me with a creeptastic face- Sure am! :/ Good to hear! Come with me! Mk... -arrives at the preschool- Okay, now go play while I take role! :'D Right... Random Harutchi: Hey,, Puchitchi! Come 'ere! Yes, what is it? Well ya looked lonely and I thought ya might like a friend! Oh, right, yeah! I guess I do! Oh I knew it! What's your name, kid? Dally. What's yours? Tallulah. With 3 L's and an H. most people just call me Lu. I like your name. It's pretty. Aw, shucksss. -bell rings- Come on then, Dally, It's class time! Okay! -after class- Bye Lu, see you tomorrow! Seeya Dally! How was class Darling? It was great, I met a new friend! Her name is Tallulah with 3 L's and an H. but her friends call her Lu. Aw, well that's cute (: And...There go. That was a beautiful story for you guys :^D see yaaaaa! -DitteBabe.
  5. Dally evolved! He's a puchitchi. Uber cute. That's all I really have to say. I'm watching a movie so I'll brb. Mk? -Ditte
  6. I guess this just suggests that this is just what happiness is

  7. Hey! Remember how I said I didn't like the Music Star? I wasn't lying. I decided to go back to my v4, cuz that's my favorite version, And start fresh. I know, I have already started over a bunch but that's okay because I will NOT let this one down! Alrighty, It's a boy, His name is Dally [Outsiders as well] And... Yeah. okay, see you next post O: -DitteRawwr
  8. My my, I seem to have forgotten to tell you what Destiny's things are. her toy is a horsie [aww] and her instrument is a harp. she seems to like them lots. That's good (: -Ditte
  9. Ohaii ): I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, I got tied up. Butttt, Destiny evolved! She is a star... Hitodetchi o: cute (: Okay, short post, But I will post ALL DAY LONG. I promise :DD -Ditte
  10. You can put the blame on me

  11. Hey guysss, S'goin on?

  12. Guess what. Soda has passed on. Yeah, depressing. I'm like, super upset ): but I guess that means fresh start, right? Okay, I think I will start up my..... Music Star. Honestly, I don't really like this version. Like, at all. But I will give it one more shot (: Alrighttt... Waiting. My favorite song right now (: Okay, It's a girll. her name is....Destiny. Des for short. Okay, I'll go. See you next post. -Ditte