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  1. Hi! This is your FIRST PROFILE COMMENT!

  2. Life, is like a Tamagotchi..... Thanks for looking at my "blog"! Well, right now I have my v5.5 going and the characters are: Nonopotchi, Shelltchi, and Mamekatchi.There happy/hungry level is:three hearts eachTheir a blended family and the family name is the Rockers. They are in the first generation and have $300.00 at the moment.(basically poor in Tama money lol)None are yet married (hense "first generation") You know as life goes on, you ask yourself..."why am i playing with these kid toys?" Well, there fun and entertaining so why not? Tamagotchi's are about taking care of a pet and letting it live it's life. When my Tama dies, I feel well "not so good". I guess I get attached to my Tama and then I feel like I've let it down.(by killing it) but life shall go on. So now you ask, "what happened to my tamagotchi?" Here's your answer...."I don't know" ask me and I'll try to help...but for right now I'm sticking to my blog. Again, thanks for reading this and if you have a comment on my blog, good or bad just let me know. ( just pooped) You know all those people who say Tamagotchi's are stupid? If not, I do. There very mean people. But you know, there just missing out and if you really think about it it helps (especially kids)learn discipline. The only thing bad about a tamagotchi? Well, we make a lot of the decisions for them. I mean, come on, how would you like to be stuck in an egg having some giant tell you what to do? It's that or you starv and drown in your own poop. TamaFan or TamaSuperFan? TamaFan- Just loves Tamagotchi's and likes to play with them. TamaSuperFan- Involves everything with Tamagotchi's and is devastated when one dies. Which are you? (I'm a TamaFan, used to be a TamaSuperFan.) Today my Tama's are doing great just to let my followers know. There pretty hungry right now so I'm gonna feed them. A way that Tama's do relate to our lives is that their always trying to have fun, but, they have jobs to do and commands to obey. Have you ever realized that in the Tamagotchi v5.5 that there is a dating show? Well, have you ever thought of it in a way that that's pretty much an arranged marriage. Live used to be like a Tamagotchi when you think about it that way and for some ppl it still is.
  3. just signed up for tamatalk! woot woot! :D