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  1. I think my Dentist filled the wrong tooth, well that just lovely.

    1. .britt.


      That is terrible. I would be flipping tables.

  2. Actually I'm more interested in what they are doing to help the people in Italy. They are making so that they will try to catch a neutrino To prove that neutrinos travel faster then light, disproving Einstein's theory of relativity. In Switzerland they are sending them through the earth to Italy and they have to time it perfectly or they could be off by a large amount of time. Sorry I don't really have anything to say about the stuff actually going on in Switzerland.
  3. I reset my green tama-go put in some new batteries set the date and then came a little egg I am going to name him Walt, All my tama's will be named after a Disney person or character as soon and I got him he started to beep for food so I gave him some He began to waltz around the house crying and I decided to take him out to play some games. So I grabbed my coat and we scurried out of the house He was confused about the concept of gotchi points We decided to stop by at the park on our way home but no one was there to play with Walt Thats it for now I'll update a little later today, Happy forth of July to those of you in the US!
  4. Like what do they do because ive seen them but I dont know if I should waste my GP on them or not?
  5. Ill join probably with my music star, if I can get batteries a V3
  6. I have a go and I hate it, The only thing to do with your gotchi points after you earn them are either buy food or change your house out of the 4 desgins to pick from. I dont have an IDL but from what ive seen there are many more things to do and you can even make and add your own.
  7. Frankly I didnt like my Tama-go at all because well it seemed to be trying to be like a ID-L but just doesnt have the same places to go thats why I want to get an ID-L because there is a lot more places to go on them and the tama go's are really cheap at my local grocerey store 8 bucks
  8. What is the size comapred to a tamagotchi connection or a music star? Is it fun even without the downloadable content? Which version is the best? Out of ID-L's Are they easy to figure out? Where is the best place to buy one off? Are the screens easy to scratch? Ok I think thats it ill edit more in if I can think of anymore Thanks In advance
  9. Ekk im so happy im starting to learn how to do really cool things with adobe premier ;)

  10. All from Facebook Here are some of mine All of these are made by me Sorry about the images being so big they refuse to go smaller
  11. Age: 13 Gender: Female Country:Canada Comment: I really want a color one in North America, then I wont have to ship from Japan
  12. Try using the UK site the american site has been down for awhile now