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  1. Hey all! It's crazy that it's almost the end of March, feels like it went by kind of fast. Apple left her son, who I named Peach, because why abandon the theme, haha. Peach evolved into Kuchitamatchi... ... and then today, into Obotchi! I wonder what kind of adult we'll get? Meanwhile, the Angel Genjirotenshi said goodbye today, with the same ending as last time. It seems that this character doesn't have a secret character associated with it, cutting its lifespan short (about 8 days?). He was a fun character, so it was sad to see him go, but oh well! And then, the Mini evolved into the secret character, Bill! He looks sorta odd (or, odder than normal) on the teeny Mini screen, but that was a neat discovery. I'll probably reset the Angel again tomorrow, and see what different character I can get!
  2. Oh yeah, you're right! It sucks that your mini fell victim to misfortune. I'm glad I've been able to keep it relatively clean, tho it sucks in lint like no one's business. And yeah, seeing it die (and checking on it every few minutes to see that it was... still dying rip) was bad enough!! It felt like it took forever ono .
  3. Hey everyone! Just a quick update today. We got the apartment we were looking at earlier, so that's exciting, and it looks like there's a possibility of me getting a job offer soon...? I'm not certain, but it would be nice for sure. Anyways, Apple met with the Matchmaker yesterday and had a son! I'm happy that we've kept up the one family of Tamas through the generations. This next kid will be the 5th! We'll see how he starts to turn out when Apple floats away tomorrow morning. That's pretty much it, as the Mini and Angel have been the same, just hanging out and being cute. See you all next time!
  4. Tamacass-- thanks! yeah, i figured it was the dying animation, since pressing A didn't seem to do anything to help aha. That makes sense with the Connections! I think that the Minis don't have the "download" feature, so it would probably just straight-up reset them. And yeah, the angel "egg" really sells the idea that it's a passed-on tama you're caring for ^-^ So we did get a lil bit of snow, but nothing stuck again. Our weather has always been a little unpredictable, but this month especially so! The Angel and the V3 changed forms yesterday, so here's what we got! Apple changed into a Mimitchi! A great surprise! In celebration, I pulled out the Throne item, haha. After I remembered what a care mistake was, I applied that to my care of the Angel-- which was harder than I thought, honestly. But! My efforts were rewarded by THIS GUY! Ginjirotenshi! He's adorable, look at him! Definitely my favorite Angel character so far. I love how he looks like he's always dancing. There he goes! I'm thrilled, honestly, this is a really fun character. His animations are cute and his design is really entertaining. Have a great day, everyone!
  5. Hey everyone! Crazy enough, we might be getting snow tomorrow... we usually don't get it this often, I don't think, but I was in Florida the past few years for college, so maybe that's also biasing my memory. Had to take the cat to the vet yesterday morning-- nothing was wrong, I just needed to get him updated on shots and stuff so that was all squared away while we apply for that apartment we liked. He's a pretty sweet tempered kitty, but I did get the Stare of Betrayal on the car ride over, poor guy. Thankfully it went pretty quickly and I had him back home and happy in not too much time. Let me tell you about how the virtual pets have been doing, now! After I got the cat back home, I reset my Mini and the Angel. I love how the Angel's "egg screen" is the original "death screen". Everything seemed to be going well yesterday! I think I kept better care of the Mini, and I regularly let the Angel's hearts run out before giving care, so I figured I was on the right track for what I wanted! I figured... well, I was half right? Today was the day where the results of my efforts began to show and-- Hey there, Mametchi! Glad to see you! Encouraged by my Mini success, I was hoping to see Takoten as the Angel beeped to signal its teen evolution... Uh, hey there, buddy, what happened? Apparently I hadn't been doing as "bad" a job as I thought? It was then that I remembered that usually a "care mistake" constitutes empty hearts -> care icon is lit and they beep -> THEN you wait until the care icon goes back to normal? That's right, right? And, well, at least there's still opportunity for me to get a different character than Kuriten, so that's good! We'll see how it all unfolds from here. The V3 is still in its teen stage, so Apple is still on fire and doing well. See you next time!
  6. This weekend has been a lot more than usual! Both with respect to tamas and to other life stuff. We might have found an apartment, and a bunch of other stuff is in the works, etc... and hey, Mob Psycho 100 is getting a second season, and Wizards of the Coast is teasing something new for D&D besides just MToF... but yes. Tamagotchi. Here we go! Friday was Fruit's last day with her daughter, so she left Saturday! Not the best timing, as busyness resulted in some care mishaps for the new kid, Apple, but she's hanging in there! Evolved into a Mizutamatchi, which-- if I'm not mistaken-- was the last toddler we haven't gotten yet! Hooray for 4th gen! And then today, she evolved into a Hinotamatchi, a teen we haven't gotten before! Hinotamatchi is a fun design, in it's simplicity. I'm guessing we've missed the boat on good-care characters, so it'll be neat to see who we end up with as an adult. Also yesterday, as I was catching up on Apple's care stuff, I pulled out the Angelgotchi. I'd struggled to keep its hearts full since they seem to run out more quickly than the V3's, and had already had to fill them all the way up. So when the twin angels were standing there looking miffed, I just figured the hearts were depleted, but then I couldn't do anything! It did the "dot flying upwards" animation, followed by the Thanks! screen! It was a surprising end for my first Angelgotchi run. I'm glad it seemed to go well, though! I was busy the rest of the day, though, so I didn't reset it just then. And then this afternoon after getting back from church, I noticed that the Mini was acting strangely. It was the "falling down with sickness" type thing, so pressing buttons did nothing. It was... kinda weird how long it was like that. I didn't have the sound on, so I don't know if it was making any noise. But the falling down lasted at least like, 10 minutes or longer! And then after that, we get the death screen. The Mini had also lived a long time, a few days longer than the Angel, I think. Bye, you two! It was a good run! So Apple is the only current living Tama for now. I think I'm going to reset the Angel and the Mini together tomorrow. For the Angel, I'll try for worse care (especially since I got the best-care path out of the gate, it seems) and for the Mini, I'll go for better care! Let's see what happens!
  7. Tamacass-- That makes sense! It would be cool if the newer 20th ann. minis had different characters, though I guess they're going for simplicity. My foundational tama experience is with Connections, so I'm much more used to the week-long ish cycle of raising into adult, waiting for matchmaker, raising the next one. But it definitely makes sense that the older/less well-cared for they are, the more attention they need! The twin angels are So. Weird. Uncanny valley is the perfect phrase for them, for sure. Well, I was going to hope for a boy next time, but just as I started typing the new update-- The matchmaker arrived! Fruit gets to marry a cute worm. And she had a daughter! We're on a streak of girl Tamas for now, it seems! I'm definitely enjoying Memetchi's smiling face this time around. Reminds me of the Tamagotchi Corner Shop DS games. I wonder if I still have those tucked away somewhere... The other two Tamas are about the same! Maybe a little needier as they grow older. Let's see... the Angel is 10, so the Mini must be a bit older. I think with the next run on the Angel, I'll try for a bad-care character, and give myself a break from playing the star game so much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There's not much, but that's all for now!
  8. We got some weird March snow yesterday. It was pretty, but with all the snow we got earlier this year, I'm kind of glad it didn't stick. The sun is out in full force right now! Some fun updates on the tama front, so here we go! My Mini evolved yesterday from Kuchipatchi into Oyajitchi! I guess I have kept him up for a while, after all. It seems to need attention more frequently as it gets older, unless my imagination is playing tricks on me. The flocked shell is cool, but keeping it free from lint is a losing battle. Maybe if I attached it to my purse, then it would avoid some of that? I'm not sure. For now, even though lint sticks to it, it seems to be maintaining its color, which is nice. Fruit has also evolved! Went to sleep with the lion doll nearby, then woke up and evolved into the adorable Memetchi! I tried to play a variety of different games, so maybe that influenced the evolution? Memetchi is supposed to be a "above average care" adult, which makes sense. We've kept up the no-repeats record so far for gen 3, guys! The angel is still the twins, and man, are they strange! I got pictures of their different interactions. The "happy" and "upset" animations are a special kind of horrifying, if you ask me... Add the Huge Emoting Face onto the fact that either one of their faces tend to either shrink or disappear entirely in the animations and well, that's on the pixel train to strangeville. Asking for praise here. Okay, the hiding-from-the-bat thing is cute. They are definitely a unique character! You'd expect the Angelgotchi to have mostly angel-ified versions of the usual Tamagotchi characters, so seeing that they're mostly their own characters is a nice aspect. Let's see, what's next... Fruit recently evolved, so it'll be a bit before she marries and has a kid. The Mini seems to be approaching the end of its life cycle, as does the Angel, but I'd guess that they'll stick around for the next few days as well. We'll see what I've got next update!
  9. Ah yeah, that explains it! They do look more similar to the Connection icons. Cool! The weather has been pretty gross recently, cold and rainy mostly. We had a few nice days earlier in the month, but I guess we're in the midst of the wet early spring weather. NC can have some unpredictable weather, though, so I'm holding out for a few sunny days to boost the mood Let's see... the Mini is hanging in there, still pretty easy going. My cat knocked it off my bedside table one night and whisked it under the bed, so I had to perform a quick rescue mission to make sure the little guy didn't end up in the kitty's mouth-- that wouldn't have been fun for any party involved I keep my tamas in my purse when they're asleep now, since that's never far away from me. Fruit is still a teen, so nothing too much to report there! We pulled the lion doll out of my inventory so she could play with it. Otherwise, I've been about the same care-wise, playing games instead of feeding snacks and all that. I'm curious to see what adult form I get-- can we keep up the no-repeats record? I got a picture of Kuriten calling for praise, which is a much more uhh sparkly animation than the previous forms! I guess the pooping-afterwards is just one of those weird Tamagotchi things, lol. Also, I had some trouble calling him back from this afternoon's walk. I hit the call button a few times, only to see the door open, so I tried tapping the screen to see if that did anything, and that seemed to work? I wonder if that's a random chance thing, or if the tapping actually worked... And when I was setting all three tamas next to each other, I noticed that Kuriten had evolved into the Twin Angels/Futagotenshi! They are surprisingly chill with sharing meals, though I guess they are angels, so... I'll have to get a picture of them when the bat shows up, though, because that's even more unique looking with the two faces in the corner. I'm much less familiar with the rhythm of the Mini and the Angel, so I don't have a good beat on how long they'll stick around. Three tamas feels like my limit, though, even though I've been eyeing a few tamas on JYW... but no, I've already got three, and no luck on the job front anyways, so I'll probably hold off a bit longer Or maybe I'll just scrounge up a battery to put in one of my other Connections? Decisions, decisions. That's all for this update! Stay dry, everyone!
  10. Hoky-- Hmm, maybe that mark is just a common occurrence on the speakers? Weird. Anyways, what I've seen of the Morino is really cool, it looks like another fun spin on the normal Tama kind of stuff! And yep, every time, I'm not entirely sure why but every stage of the angel seems to poop after praise. Really not sure what's up with that? Also, it looks like our Angels have different-looking icons, which is interesting. The Angel evolved into a Kodoten! Glad to be on the good-care path, though I'm also looking forward to experimenting to get different characters. He has a little wand he waves when he wants to be praised! And they sleep on clouds!! I thought that was a nice touch. And yesterday evening, he evolved into Kuriten! I'm happy to get this cute little guy. As I've probably mentioned before, the Angelgotchi was the vintage tama that younger-me wanted the most, so it's fun to experience this. Also got to catch Kuriten go on a walk, though my picture of the animation he did afterwards is a little blurry. It almost looks like he had the halo off? I'm not sure. Onto the V3! Ella left behind her daughter, who I have named Fruit because how many five-letter words are there out there, anyways? Fruit evolved into a Kuchitamatchi! I've somehow avoided getting a repeat toddler form so far! I love how with the toddlers, it's a total toss-up whether you get legs or not. And then this afternoon, she evolved into a Obotchi! Life as a Tamagotchi must be odd. Suddenly you go from a floating duck-face to arms, legs, and hair, and no duck-face. They must be very adaptable creatures I think I've done pretty well with this gen so far, though I accidentally paused it somehow between last night and this morning, and might have gotten a care miss yesterday. We'll see! The little Kuchipatchi mini is same as always! I'm always picking cat hair off of it, but otherwise no change. Hope y'all have a good weekend!
  11. Tamacass-- Thanks! I definitely recommend the V3 because the cast of characters seem plentiful and varied, which makes it a lot of fun to keep playing. I don't remember what the V2 was like compared to the V3, but it's worth a shot if you've got one on hand And yes, the Minis are pretty simple. I'm not sure that it would be as fun to run as a single tama, but having it alongside others is nice, and the flocked shell is a neat little novelty. If you're looking for a more complex/full tama experience, I'd save the $15 or so and put it towards getting a different tama. But, if you like the shell designs and think you would enjoy having a tiny tama, even if it doesn't have any games and has a limited amount of characters, then a Mini is fun! I'm incredibly weak to teeny versions of things, though, so I'm biased. Amongst wedding planning, job hunting, and all that jazz, Tamagotchi have been nice little islands of calm for me since I started them up. I've got a dentist appointment for a filling later today, so that's not fun, but! Yesterday! Good things happened! Tama mail! My angelgotchi from JYW arrived! The tamagotchi that I have wanted since I first heard of them, way back... it's here! A new addition to the family! Speaking of new additions, Ella received a suitor yesterday... ... and had a daughter! The next generation (the 3rd) should begin tomorrow! Here's a pic of my running tamas, before I opened up the Angel: Kuchipatchi is still Kuchipatchi, of course. He hasn't gotten sick at all, so I hope to keep him around for as long as I can. Onto the Angelgotchi! I found the tiniest screwdriver ever in the toolbox to pop it open, thankful that batteries were included. There was a little bit of dust-looking stuff on the battery and contacts not covered by the plastic tab, so that was easily removed. I wanted to check on its internal parts, but those four screws were pretty tight, one of which just wouldn't budge and I think I might have stripped so I gave up on that. Not entirely sure what the little scratch (?) on the disc-looking bit above the batteries is, but I tried not to mess with much. I put the batteries back in and was terrified when only a part of the screen showed, but fortunately that was remedied by tightening the screws a bit and making sure everything was put in place! Success! Compared to the Connection's loud, strident beeps, and even the Mini's more medium sounds, the Angel's sounds are pretty soft. Enough to get your attention, for sure, but it's more like talking while the V3 is more like yelling The Angel is real cute! The buttons are a little harder to press, it seems like they're more inside the shell than the Connections, so you have to be more deliberate with pressing. It also caught me off guard that the game doesn't stop automatically, like there's not an "end goal" like with the Connection games, you just... keep jumping stars into eternity. It would be nice if you could unlock more games, since it gets a little monotonous. Otherwise though, it's a fun Tama for sure, and the unique concept behind it is really great. The idea of a deceased Tama turning into an Angel is, again, just enough explanation to be interesting. Oh, and the tapping on the screen to scare away the bat is a fun extra feature, too! It's a lil Maruten right now. I've only caught it smiling (when you need to praise it) once, so maybe I need to pay a little more attention? We'll see! Hope y'all's week is going well, and see you next time!
  12. my angelgotchi arrived today!!

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      thanks! when i started it up i was worried since part of the screen wasn't showing, but in the end i just needed to tighten the screws, so all is well!

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      yay!! what kind did you get?

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      i got it from JYW, it's the steel blue-y color shell. im starting to notice that most of my tamas are blue lol

  13. Hey all! Small update last time, so here's a bigger one! I got the 20th anniversary mini from my fiancé on Saturday, and I started it up yesterday. I knew it was small, but oh my gosh guys, it is SO TINY. I love it, it's so cute, and the fuzzy flocked shell is a great variation on the usual plastic. It kind of picks up lint easy, and I've already peeled more than a few cat hairs off it, so I wouldn't recommend putting it in your pocket if you don't want stuff to get on it. Otherwise though it's a nice little sensory thing I want like, 20 of these little guys. But I'll probably go the saner route and keep my eye out for the other flocked shells. I'm not kidding, this stuff is ridiculously cute to me. The simpler functions also fit well with the smaller form, especially the teeny lil buttons! My hands are small, but playing a game like the V3s have on it would be a little less comfortable for sure. It also evolved into Kuchipatchi today! A good, classic duck boy That's apparently the "average" care character, which makes sense since I was a little less attentive yesterday. It does seem like the Minis need food/candy a little more frequently than the V3 does, but maybe that's because I can't check it directly. We'll see how long this one hangs around, and I'll try for a different character next time! Ella is doing well so far, we'll be looking out for the Matchmaker tonight and tomorrow. For now though, we're just hanging out. The wig is... hmmm. Interesting? I tried using the makeup item but she just looked confused, so maybe it doesn't work on this kind of character. We also tried the pencil. And a closeup! So that's what's up with these two! I've been looking at the tracking info on my Angelgotchi, and it looks like I'll get it in the mail either today or tomorrow, fingers crossed? Not sure if I should have three of these running at once, but knowing myself, I'll probably start it up anyways as soon as I get it I don't remember if JYW includes batteries or not? We'll see. I'm definitely opening it up to check on it when it gets here, though, since it's an old Tama. Wish me luck!
  14. Hoky: Hooray, a fellow D&D fan! I didn't know what Starfinder was, but I google'd it and that looks pretty rad. I got into D&D a few years ago and haven't tried any of Paizo's stuff yet, tho I know a few who've played Pathfinder before! DMing is great-- but I totally get the burnout thing. I'm fortunate that I get to be a player most of the since there are multiple DMs in our group, and then can hop in and run a one-off session every so often. I can't believe I didn't notice the odd/even V3 generation thing as a kid, but I guess some things just went right over my head. It's definitely a good mechanic to introduce some variety! This update's going to be pretty short! The most notable thing that happened is that Ella evolved a few hours ago... ... into a character I've never gotten before, so I had to check the character chart to see who it is! It's Decotchi! This is a really cool/different character to get, it kind of falls into the "head with legs" thing that the oldies/Bill have going for them, but with a Frankenstein's monster twist. Definitely not what I was expecting, but a cool surprise! Let's try an accessory! I love all the items you can try on, it really leans into the excitement of getting your tama to an adult form, so that now you can see what they look like with all these animations. I forgot what the stuffed animal item did, so I guess Ella's going to look like this for the rest of the day! See you all later!
  15. Glad you're enjoying this, Tamacass! This log has been nice to have-- as well as a Tamagotchi to take care of-- as I'm kind of in a weird, stressful in-between place in my life right now. As far as Ella goes, I'd be thrilled to get Mimitchi or any of the other iconic characters! We'll see tho! I woke up yesterday to see that Ella had evolved into a Young Mimitchi! I love this design a lot, probably more than Young Mametchi, who I got last time. I think it's because Young Mimitchi (and Mimitchi itself) is evocative of that older, rounder Pikachu design we saw in the first few Pokemon games. There's just something friendly-looking about it. Also the nubby arms are very precious Ella was patient with me yesterday morning, as I had a few medical appointments to get to, and then was running errands for most of the day. I wasn't so busy as to prevent me from checking on her and filling up the meters, but I did have a few close calls. I made sure to play some games with her once we got home! I've also somehow managed to nearly fill up the Discipline meter-- maybe that's just because V3s call a lot, I'm not sure. Regardless, it's been going well despite my bouts of absence. We tried the lamp today! Ella got very lucky and got 2000 GP from the genie, as well as 1000-some from a chest! We've got a tidy sum saved up in case more high-ticket items show up at the shop I've managed to get what I feel like are most of them so far! I'm also excited because we're playing more D&D tomorrow evening! My fiancé has been DMing a two-group campaign for almost two years now, one group (the one I'm in) is good-aligned, and the other group is evil-aligned, so even though we have Official Group Names we mostly just call them the good squad and the evil squad The good squad has been split up, hence my bard being by himself in the last session, but the evil squad has stayed together. At some point, the groups will meet! Right now, though, there's an evil squad session happening tomorrow, and I get to take the role of a bard NPC, since bards are my favorite D&D class, haha. By my estimates, Ella won't have evolved by then, so she'll be in bed as it starts. And, let's see, I'll either have a new update Saturday morning or late Saturday evening after I get back! Either way, my flocked shell Tamagotchi will be in my hands and in these updates soon! Hope you guys have a good end of the week!