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  1. I take a handbag with me where ever I go, so usually I pop mine in there, or alternatively, my pockets for those rare times I don't have a bookbag with me. But that's just my versions 1-4, I never take my TamaGo out.
  2. I would just like a bloody V5 please, without having to fork out £40 to have one imported. Ugh.
  3. Adam grew into an oldie the same day Holly became a mametchi! I was really fascinated, I've never had an oldie before. Here's a group shot of all the tamagotchi I'm currently running.. My Tama-Go, Version 2 and Holly and Frank (Version 3s) And here's what I'm planning to run and log next! My blue sky version 4, which I will probably hatch tomorrow, and my red arrows version 1 (first ever tamagotchi!) which I will be hatching on August 1st (British Time) for the summer hatch.
  4. I kept connecting them all day, because they couldn't get enough of eachother. They had a block-building competition (Holly won), Frank gave her a flower, Holly gave him a chocolate heart, they had a bouncy ball competition (Frank won), they visited eachother and then... I heard fireworks. I didn't manage to catch a picture of the actual fireworks, but here's a picture of Holly giving birth and her first born daughter! And this is the girls with their respective parents! They are so adorable, and I am so pleased that they're now happy parents. I've decided to name Holly's daughter Bella and Frank's daughter Hayli.
  5. Frank really is a lucky boy to have such a beautiful older woman! And the next day, he caught up with her and grew up! Frank was now a mimiyoritchi! But as he was born a day behind Holly, I had to wait til the next day, when he was 5 years old, before anything magical could take place between them.. And so, when it did, I captured their first kiss on camera! (They look kind of like ducks!) Yup, it's official, they were in love ♥
  6. The next day, I wake up to a pleasant surprise. Holly had grown up that morning! She was now a mametchi, and a rather beautiful one at that! Naturally, Frank was still a teenager, as he is a day behind Holly. I was really pleased that she was a mametchi because I wasn't even aiming for one. A mametchi really is a handsome character, she started singing to me! I also bought her a new bow, because she is adorable.
  7. On an unrelated note, here is my Kusatchi called Adam coming for a close-up on my transparent Version 2! I'm waiting for him to turn into an oldie. He's 9 years old.. so any day now!
  8. They certainly like eachother a bit more.. Especially as Frank no longer sends Holly snakes as presents! He's become quite the little charmer, bathing to smarten himself up for a visit to Holly tomorrow! I love how his hair flicks up when he's happy! So after a long day of playing games on oversized basketballs, Holly and Frank settle down to bed at 8pm, within 10 seconds of eachother.
  9. So Frank and Holly have been doing well. They're Happy/Hungry metres don't dip often (other than early mornings when I don't get up until 2 hours after they do) and they're pretty much fully trained! of course they've aged a day, but Frank's weight is almost under control now, although Holly's always been a bit slim. He's been playing lots of games with Holly to try and bring his weight down and lose those chubby cheeks! But Holly always manages to get the better of him!
  10. Looking forward to starting a new school in September!

  11. is it true that if you pause it at night the adult will never leave?
  12. Please use your indoor voice ._. I think it's a situation of they are not old enough, because the OP didn't make a point of including the ages of the Tamagotchi. Or it could be that they are brother and sister, like Violetchilluvr3 said, although I've never heard of this, myself.
  13. Goodness me, it seemed the gods had it in for your Tamagotchi!
  14. A V5 would be nice.. and an Angelgotchi.. and an Oceangotchi. I just want every tamagotchi in the world. ._.