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  1. uh.....miss.... Likes Micheal Jackson?
  2. You become a, you didn't put anything. I eat Astro Boy!
  3. Thats an annoying but funny way to Rick Roll people! Now, I hate, hate, That one song where Kesha is all, "Wake up in the morning." Do you know it?
  4. Why do I feel like the only boy who is younger than girls who are my best friends? I mean, I have more girls older than me than girls younger than me. :[

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    2. PokemonKid


      Same with me Kajah. Same with me.

    3. Kajah995


      i know... youjust said it in the post above... lol!


    4. lovelatchi!


      Same.. One person is 5 days younger than me and the other is a month.. (we are all 11!)

  5. coolio! My turn! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB19DVVON9w
  6. 10/10~! ME?! OH YOU'RE KIDDING! No. Seriously. I'm probably maybe....7/10?
  7. Hm......Platypus, GPX, HOMESTUCK, COWS, Pokemon, Games, and many other things to waste my time. :3
  8. WEREWOLF! I WILL BITE ANY VAMPIRES! But, you hate Twilight....(mirror me) OH SHUT UP! (me) I just want to enjoy myself!