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    I am in your closet. I will strike at night.....
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  1. tama v9

    Hit or Miss

    uh.....miss.... Likes Micheal Jackson?
  2. tama v9

    The eating game

    You become a, you didn't put anything. I eat Astro Boy!
  3. tama v9

    Songs You Are Sick Of Hearing

    Thats an annoying but funny way to Rick Roll people! Now, I hate, hate, That one song where Kesha is all, "Wake up in the morning." Do you know it?
  4. tama v9

    Word by word story!

  5. tama v9

    Word by word story!

  6. tama v9

    Word by word story!

  7. tama v9

    Word by word story!

  8. tama v9

    Rate the TV show/anime opening above

    coolio! My turn! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB19DVVON9w
  9. tama v9

    How famous are you on forums?

    10/10~! ME?! OH YOU'RE KIDDING! No. Seriously. I'm probably maybe....7/10?
  10. tama v9

    The Internet is for...

    Hm......Platypus, GPX, HOMESTUCK, COWS, Pokemon, Games, and many other things to waste my time. :3
  11. tama v9

    Twilight fans!

    WEREWOLF! I WILL BITE ANY VAMPIRES! But, you hate Twilight....(mirror me) OH SHUT UP! (me) I just want to enjoy myself!
  12. tama v9

    Stuck in an elevator

    To death we go!
  13. tama v9

    The ^ > V game

    ^ nope > Likes Mah Pokemanz but acts like one v NO.