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  1. uh.....miss.... Likes Micheal Jackson?
  2. You become a, you didn't put anything. I eat Astro Boy!
  3. Thats an annoying but funny way to Rick Roll people! Now, I hate, hate, That one song where Kesha is all, "Wake up in the morning." Do you know it?
  4. Why do I feel like the only boy who is younger than girls who are my best friends? I mean, I have more girls older than me than girls younger than me. :[

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    2. PokemonKid


      Same with me Kajah. Same with me.

    3. Kajah995


      i know... youjust said it in the post above... lol!


    4. lovelatchi!


      Same.. One person is 5 days younger than me and the other is a month.. (we are all 11!)

  5. coolio! My turn! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB19DVVON9w
  6. 10/10~! ME?! OH YOU'RE KIDDING! No. Seriously. I'm probably maybe....7/10?
  7. Hm......Platypus, GPX, HOMESTUCK, COWS, Pokemon, Games, and many other things to waste my time. :3
  8. WEREWOLF! I WILL BITE ANY VAMPIRES! But, you hate Twilight....(mirror me) OH SHUT UP! (me) I just want to enjoy myself!
  9. ^ nope > Likes Mah Pokemanz but acts like one v NO.
  10. Because you told me off! > Why did she tell me off?
  11. Okay. I am a curious person. I took a look at the Girls! Topic. I thought it was made by boys because the talk about girls 'n stuff. So when I took a look, I was disturbed and shocked. ;A;

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    2. Aquangel


      Delete this. I recamend it.

    3. dazzilitchigirl


      uhh i think that topic should not be there in first place

    4. Try Honesty

      Try Honesty

      ^ Why should it not be there? It's in Seriously Non Tamatalk for this reason: "This forum is for any mature and sensible discussions unrelated to Tamagotchi.". If you're not mature enough to deal with these kind of topics, i suggest you stay out of Seriously Non Tamatalk =l.

  12. Love. The people you know are mainly your friends. You have someone to depend on, you at least have someone o be with you, etc. Money is important, but not as love. I mean really, I can prove this. Mt girlfriend has no one but, me. I mean only me(and her family). She does not care about money or anything. Just about me and her family.
  13. You become a cup with cake in it! I eat, a cat! >:3
  14. Why can't Nintendo of America be smart and just re-release the original Pokemon Games? I mean really. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen? No. That won't work.

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    2. Aquangel


      Also agrees.

    3. tama v9

      tama v9

      Maybe we should make a um.....what is it called? Like a petition I think?

    4. ShutUpAndSmile
  15. Thinking of made up Pokemon that could be starters. Water, Fire, Grass. Best ideas get drawn and I will send them off to Nintendo. I want to see what they thinks of me and my friends ideas!

    1. Memetchiluva464


      Oooooh do you know Nintendo's adress? Coz I drew starters I made up and I wanna see if the Pokemon Company likes them. :3

    2. tama v9

      tama v9

      I can e-mail them.......if my dad lets me.....which will be in 3 weeks. sorry! But, I'll still send them!

  16. Go to the chat. I'ma bored.

  17. I picked Books, sports and video games, Pokemon!, Naruto, and mah birthday.