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  1. WHy are normal ID's so rare? :/

    1. jadine


      Are they? We have plenty of them in stock at Toy Kingdom where I'm at. :/


    2. Kajah995


      I want one, but I agree, SUPER RARE

  2. Possibly starting up a Tamagotchi... Must hide from kittens - destruction if found is guranteed. Must now work out which version....

  3. Well, my family's usually pretty okay with them... My mum refuses to care for them, and tells me that I should probably play with my real pets if I get to obssesed, but she lets me play a few at a time. My dad looks at them funny, but will share his screw-driver with me. It's pretty sad how some parents are, I mean they're welcome to limit it slightly (I mean if you're play 5 and it's seriously interfering with life), but if it makes people happy. It doesn't harm you that much....
  4. The first one I remember... Orange, my Tama-Go. Terrible memory, have I. /hits head
  5. Lots. Loads. Lets see... 5 Ferrets (1 Girl - Harmony and 4 boys - Pepe, Ferbish, Ragamuffin, Toto) 1 Cockatiel (Boy, we think... Napolean!) 1 Dog (Boy, Buddha.) 1 Cat (Girl, Toby) 2 Kittens (My big fat baby DJ and his big sister Meiko) And our boarder has 2 dogs, TJ and Taylor. Both girls. They're not ours, but they live in our house.
  6. ... ... ... Random boredness brought me here XD Because I know I can't really spend ALL my time playing Pheonix Wright...... Maybe I'll start up a Tama or two - But I doubt my two kittens would like that idea - they already hate my dear darling DSlite :o /how could anyone hate a DS?!?

    1. jadine


      I'm appalled at the very thought of anyone hating a DS x3

    2. Nazotchi25


      why hate the DS, man show mercy :)

    3. Nazotchi25


      why hate the DS, man show mercy :)

  7. My brother likes that. Haven't watched it, isn't my kind of thing.
  8. I have no idea what's going on in Pokemon World

  9. Blue hair part! =3

  10. Do I even have to say anything? Really? ... If you must know my opinion (because you can't see the obvious :3) - MLIA. That should explain my opinion if you know what it means~
  11. My brother's changed at 3. I think it depends on the character and or care...
  12. 1. Digimon, and The World Ends With you. Not much really. 2. Twelve, I'm pretty sure. 3. $60 4. Perfect on all but p1. Having trouble with that one. 5. Used to, but they get damaged. 6. I used to, but now I just try not to focus on them not being there. 7. Maybe not if they're just discontinued, but if they were banned... I'd go on a killing spree! 8. I don't think so, but I would do other stuff.
  13. Oh wow, Sailor. They seem like they fit the question XD
  14. Here's mine~ How am I feeling today? The Power Is Yet Uknown Will I get far in life? Three Minutes Clapping Am I that succesful? :3 How do my friends see me? Twister - Gang Mix What is my current love situation? Game Over I don't think that's right, the games never even started... What is my best friend's theme song? Long Dream What is the story of my life? Hybrid - Reborn What is/was highschool like? Someday Sounds right, someday I'll go, then leave. How can I get ahead in life? It's So Wonderful What is the best thing about me? Fighting For Freedom How is today going to be? Noisy Noise What is in store for this weekend? Twister - Japanese What song describes my parents? Lullaby For You - English To describe my grandparents? psychedelic How is my life going? Transformation What song will they play at my funeral? Three Minutes Clapping Repeat... But seriously, I feel so hated... How does the world see me? Someday - Japanese Will I have a happy life? Owari Hajimari/Ending-Beggining What do my friends really think of me? Transformation - Transformed Does that mean.. They think I changed? Huh? What will I do before I get married? Calling Confusion... How can I make myself happy? Twister - Remix What should I do with my life? Hybrid - Japanese Will I ever have children? Black Market What is some good advice for me? The One Star How will I be remembered? Make Or Break What is my signature dancing song? Deja Vu - Discoteque What do I think my current theme song is? Rush Hour What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Economical Shopper I HATE shopping...
  15. Weird thought here... Calling my kitty Mr. Mew, not DJ... But I wouldn't, I'll just call him Piggy sometimes :3