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  1. Long time no see!!! :D Hewwo!!!

  2. Add on my new account :D

    1. Peanut05


      You have a new account?

  3. For Christmas, I got: A plush lavnender dog, and when you put it in the microwave, it is warm and snuggley <3 N-spa bath syrup, Chocolate and orange, fudge and hot butter, angel cake and gingerbread latte, And the matching body butters, Radley bag, purse and unberella, 2 notebooks, and pens, 2 more notebooks and pens, with those old back & white pictures with captions. Sally Hansen Manacuire set in 'french tip', Terry's chocolate orange, Chocolate santa's, chocolate coins, 4 face packs, New 'JVC Gumy' earplugs, Sally Hansen lip plumping kit, A set of 24 nail polishes, I opened a mysterious envolope, and inside, was £250 IN CASH! Tamago, fake nails, sweetsss, more sweets,
  4. Wooooooop! Got my tamago!

  5. eee, i love how there's so many people from different countries.

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    2. Grace.


      And why? -.- X

    3. lolokotchi:)


      Me too, it's cool!

      I'm from Sweden, where are you from?

    4. Grace.
  6. grace. yeah. hi. yeah. anyway,

    you have had one of you 10pm tc's with me before. But if I told you my 'secret identification', you'd hate me, well, forever!

    So anyway, Hi! XX

  7. Yeah, that's her (:

    And it's good to hear from you (:

  8. Hi, doppelgänger!

    ...No, seriously. You live in my birthplace, look like a younger version of me and you're also called Grace. So you're my doppelgänger. Or I'm yours. Yeah, I don't know.



  9. Probably 'Heil Grammartik.' Lol.

  10. Aw darn. I got you confused with a friend of mine 3x

    Forgiveee meee~ I have too many friends D:

  11. Don't remember me, do you?

    Okay, okay, right. PoulterPlumX from formspring, Peppermint Tea (Old account) :D