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  1. Interesting problem... I'd try changing out the battery or pressing the reset button and downloading. If those don't work, there might not be much you can do other than take it apart. Music Stars arent too complicated in that respect. Just find a tiny screwdriver and take out the screws (making sure to put them in a place where they wont roll off and disappear) and try taking off and replacing the rubber buttons. I'm not sure what else you can do but try this. Best of luck!
  2. So the other day my friend and I were watching one of our favorite TV shows, the Big Bang Theory, and all of a sudden Sheldon whips out a Tamagotchi to try and prove to Amy that he's good at Biology. Here's a clip from the episode (the tamagotchi reference appears at the end): I was really excited that they had made a reference to tamagotchis on the show, and I thought it was cool that model they used looked like a version from 1998, when Sheldon said he bought it. So my question to all of you is: Have you seen/heard a tamagotchi reference somewhere you didn't expect it that made you excited that they were acknowledging tamas? If so, where, and why was it brought up?
  3. Your nails are so cute! I think you did an awesome job. I posted a topic a while ago on my tamagotchi designs when I used to do a lot of nail art, but that was when I was not so good, and mine compare nothing to yours Also, to everyone whos wondering it looks like regular polish, and to make designs like eyes and Violetchi's flowers, you can use dotting tools (which are found online for fairly cheap) or household items like a toothpick or bobby pin.
  4. Johnny Depp with a lightsaber in The Hunger Games. 'Nuff said ;)

  5. Jeez, its been a while since I've logged on...hello again, everyone! ;)

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      @Missvioletchi The stabbing thing is a chat joke. :) Or something. ._>

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  6. Hey everyone. I know I've been M.I.A. lately. Let me explain the tales of why I haven't been here, shall I? As you may or may not know, this Saturday is St. Patrick's day, one of my favorite holidays/times of year. Why might that be, you ask? Well, I happened to do Irish dance, and this is the time of year that we tour around to different places on the day before St. Patrick's day and do a bunch of shows for churches, schools, and whoever else wants to see our shows. So, lately my dance schedule has, let's say, bumped up a bit, and I haven't had as much time to watch after my tamas. This might seem a little insane as well, but I am actually hoping to take my dance as far as the World Championships next year, and most of the time not spent at school now is dancing. Usually I would be able to handle this increase with my tamas, but lately I've just found it being a wee bit too much. Yes, this log has slowly drifted back a few pages, and maybe you're all wondering what happened to me, so this is it. Maybe after St. Patrick's day things will die down a little but and Ill be able to start up my iD L once more. I've tried a few times over the past week, and well, I had to re-take the batteries out. It sits there calling me on the little beanbag by my bed, and I really do miss running it and updating, but I think my dance is something I really want to go for this year and next. To all of you supportive people out there, thanks for understand. For those of you ripping your hair out while reading this out of frustrastion (which I'm sure there are few of), sorry, and I promise I'll try my best to be back A.S.A.P. xoxo, Missvioletchi
  7. Ello. This morning we were on our way to school and Poppy started complaining that she was hungry. I told her that if she wanted to go get breakfast she needed to put something other than her PJ's on. She picked out a lovely dress and got her second happy symbol! Dressed, she rushed over to the restaurant, where she decided on some French toast for breakfast. She loved it so much, she got yet another happy symbol! After that it was a pretty unexciting day in screen. Sadly, I didn't get any pics of her getting her happy symbols, and I don't really have anything pic-worthy today. Yeah... Well, pip pip cherio! xoxo, Missvioletchi and Poppy
  8. Happy 300th post everyone! I was on my way to class today and I heard a little beep issue from my backpack (I guess I forgot to turn the sound off... ). I hastily grabbed my iD L out of my bag to turn off the sound, expecting to see a Sabosabotchi, but boy was I surprised when I saw a... Makiko! Aren't they just so cute? Being the fashionista she is, Poppy wanted to try on some clothes. Naturally, when she saw the tiara, her eyes sparkled (more than they usually do ;D) Then she fell in love with the little polka dot dress. After getting all dressed up, I figured she would get at least one happy symbol, but no... So we headed over to the Cafe and got a Tiramasu, which I already knew was one of her happy symbols. Sure enough, she started dancing up and down after eating it, ending her routine by jumping on the Cafe table and throwing sparkles everywhere. After having a discussion with her about how one should behave in public, we left the Cafe. We were almost home when we passed by TamaDepa, and of course, being Makiko, she just HAD to go shopping We went inside to see what there was, and after combing the hair accessory isle, she saw a hair curler. Since her other one was getting old, and this new one was supposed to be "1000 times better than all the others", she begged me to get it, eventually resulting in us returning home with a brand new hair curler. She had to try it out immediately, she was so excited. I thought it was cute how she was picturing herself with Memetchi, because they both have adorable curl(s) After all this excitement, Poppy noticed a leak in the roof (It's raining cats and dogs here!), so we bundled up and headed over to the remodel store. Luckily they had a cute, cozy room in stock for us when we arrived and set to work immediately. A dresser for all her clothes and bookshelf for me, how perfect? Right now we're just kicking back and listening to our new favorite song, Spaceships (by Nicki Manaj) <3 A perfect end to a perfect day! xoxo, Missvioletchi and Poppy
  9. What's that I see? A 16th 5-star vote And 7 followers? This morning Poppy evolved into a Sabosabotchi. I gave her exactly 4 care misses and await her eolvation tomorrow Nothing too interesting happened other than that. I know, I know, I'm being boring, but I got home like a hour ago and I'm thinking of crashing early tonight. Well, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading xoxo, Missvioletchi and Poppy
  10. As promised, I'm here a little earlier This morning a weird thing happened. Nymph got married to a Kuromametchi this morning, and after a few dates she returned home with an egg. Out popped a little Moriritchi! (Wow that's a really bad picture...) Her name is going to be Poppy. When I went to check on her weight, though, it said I was back on the 1st generation!!!! Has this happened to anyone else? I could've sworn this would be like the 15th generation, and it says 1st generation, after a marriage! I mean, I'm not too upset because I still have all the items, cash, dls, and TamaTomo stamps, etc., but generation count is nice, too... Anyways she evolved into a Palletchi, although I was aiming for a Rollutchi. Ah, oh well. Also, for all you Harry Potter lovers, I found this cute logo for the Three Broomsticks: Get it? It's the Starbucks logo with a wizards hat and a glassesd, plus Harry's lightning-shaped scar Also, I was thinking of starting a new log. Yeah, I know, the very first post in this log says I wouldn't abandon this log like I've done with others, but I kind of neglected it a lot and the new log would have posts every night with colors, pictures, and actually quality posts. Thoughts? xoxo, Missvioletchi and Poppy
  11. I was actually just going to email Bandai about this same problem. I was in Target the other day when I decided to check the aisle that they sell TamaGo's and figures in. But, guess what? Nothing. I was at a different Target (this one was a Super Target), in a different state far from my home, and they didn't even have it. I'm not under the impression that the iD's and iD L's, +Colors, etc. are going to come to America any time soon because I think the popularity has deffinetley decreased in the past few years. When I was looking for the Figures at WalMart one time, I asked a worker there where they went because they weren't on their shelf (they were replaced by ZuZu pets... ) and she took me to the very corner of the store and showed me a box of a couple figures and some other things. The box was labeled "Clearance". I asked why they weren't on their shelf and she said that they were discontinuing to carry them. I don't think the TamaGos were selling as well as any of the other connections, and therefore were being removed from stores. I think that Bandai doesn't do a well enough job of advertising here in America. I mean, when has anyone ever seen a TamaGo commercial in America? I certainly haven't. I don't think that people were interested because they didn't really understand what they were. Also, in Japan, it seems that you can be any age and have a Tamagotchi and it's no shame, while as here in America if you are basically 10+ you re ridiculed for playing with a "baby's toy", which is totally unfair (as we all know). Maybe if we could start a petition, get a group of us to send Bandai letters concerning their Tamagotchi distribution and advertisement in America and other countries that we live in, they would see that there really is a market for Tamagotchis other than Japan. Just an idea, but it could make a difference.
  12. The goal of not being able to delete instruments and toys is so you collect them all and your later tamas can chose which ones they like best.
  13. I was watching cupcake making tutorials and didn't realize how late it got... Nothing new or noteworthy happened with Nymph today. I decided to keep her from going to the matchmaker for one more day, since she's good company. Really, that's all that I have to update about. So, to fill up some space, behold some of the awesomest cupcakes I was learning how to bake! Apple cupcake! This Idea was really cute :3 Crysanthemum flower cupcakes! The petals for these are so clever, theyre half-marshmallows dipped in colored sugar! Super classy, no? Hidden heart cupcakes! This is really cool because if you cut it the right way, this hidden heart will show up in your cupcakes. Perfect for Valentines day Owl cupcakes! I just like owls in general, so I thought this was pretty cool. Sunflower cupcakes! This looks so cool, plus the little lady bug is adorable! Okay, I think that's it. I hope you enjoyed the above cupcakes! Oh, also I might be updating earlier than usual because I am, once again, going out of town until Sunday afternoon. I'll probably leave around 2 tomorrow, so expect a post before that. xoxo, Missvioletchi and Nymph
  14. He-ey. Nymph and I didn't really do much today aside from looking at hilarious Harry Potter pictures and listening to music. She started talking about possibly going to the matchmaker tomorrow, seeing as she has gotten all of her happy symbols. She'll probably be getting married tomorrow. Thats really all from here, I know it's a lame post butmI don't really have anything else to say/update/rant. xoxo, Missvioletchi and Nymph