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  1. If the Tamagotchi is new and you pull the tab out best practice is to still press the reset button. I’ve never personally noticed this issue but I haven’t ran a V4 is many years now.
  2. I haven’t ran my V4 is a while now but O have never noticed an issue on my versions. Have you tried resetting it? You will lose your character and progress by resetting it but it might fix any glitches that occure. A lot of glitches tend to appear when you don’t reset the Tamagotchi and just download.
  3. Have you thought about trying any of the newer versions? The coloured screen ones have many features although they’re in Japanese, the P’s can be patched into English. The ID L E comes in English but is very expensive and hard to get nowadays.
  4. The original Tamagotchi was invented in Japan in 1996 by Aki Matai. It first came to America and Europe in 1997, with seven adult characters, two young characters, a child and a baby, for a total of 11 different characters. There is also a secret character that can be obtained by certain care from an adult character (depending on Japanese or American version) The game included on the P1 is simple, as you have to guess which way the Tamagotchi will turn using the A or B buttons. It originally came in six different colours then was later released in a few more varieties. The difference between the P1 and P2 is simply the game and the characters that you raise, the shell designs and the backgrounds are also different. The first icon will let you feed it either a meal or a snack to fill the Hunger bar or the Happiness bar. Each meal that you feed the character adds 1lb to its weight. Snacks add 2lb but also raise the Happiness bar. A slice of bread is the food on the international version (US, European etc.) and the Japanese versions have a bowl of rice or food and a piece of Candy in a wrapper. The second is the light icon. This is used when your character is sleeping and you have to manually turn the light off it. By not turning the light off this can be classed as a care miss and will effect what character it will evolve into. The third icon is for playing a game with your character. The game is a left or right game. Your character will stand in the centre of the screen and will switch between facing left or right and you have to guess what way it will face. You choose what way by pressing A for left, and B for right. It is a matter of chance if you win the game as there is no guarantee that you will win the game each time you play it. Medicine is the fourth icon and is used when your Tamagotchi become sick. It can become sick shortly before changing and sometimes before it dies. A skull will appear by their head when they are ill. They will also refuse to play a game and each food. You then have a to give a few shots of medication and it will eventually become better. Once the medication has been taken, you will be able to continue all normal features such as playing games etc. The toilet icon is for use when your character has pooped on the screen. It regularly goes for poops throughout the day and you have to clean them up. Not cleaning them up is a care miss and if you let your character sleep with poop next to them it will also effect what it evolves into. Leaving more than one poop on the screen can also cause your character to become ill and eventually if left long enough it may pass away. Next is the Status bar. This includes information such as Hunger and Happiness, age, and weight as well as the discipline meter. This is how to find out if you need to feed your Tamagotchi, or play a game (or feed a snack) to it. The last icon you will use when your Tamagotchi character has been naughty. It will refuse to play a game and sometimes refuse to eat food/play a game and needs to be disciplined. You click this icon and it will add a few bar’s to your discipline metre that is found in the status bar. By disciplining your Tamagotchi you will get a better character.
  5. I second this. Rubbing alcohol, q tips and Tamagotchi are a good mix
  6. That’s strange, what does it say when you go to the top right corner as kuchikid said in the previous post?
  7. Marshmallow - Happier. This song means a lot to me, will always hold a special place in my heart.
  8. There’s a guide (here) on what each icon does and gives you a bit more information about it. It might be worth a read and will further help with any questions you might have.
  9. The Tamagotchi V4 is known to have many glitches. If you use the search function on TamaTalk you can find many posts about it As for debugging, I don’t see how it would fix glitches but a guide on how to do it can be found here. Just to note, only US/North American versions (connections) can be debugged, it’s not worth trying on a European version as it’s not possible (connexion).
  10. I’m pretty sure the Digimon did have a relaunch a few months (years?) ago. Finger crossed the connections would be relaunched though, so many memories.
  11. Finally got my hands on a Green Mothra and TamaOtch. 😃

  12. It’s been quite a while since I was last here, but I’m back! I couldn’t login to the site on my phone but since the upgrade it’s amazing 😊

    1. Admin


      Glad to hear it is working better for you!

    2. jordboss


      Thanks Admin, really enjoying being back ☺️

  13. I can finally log into my account on my iPhone. TT looks very modern and updated, great job Admin 💪🏼🙈
  14. I really disliked the Angel at first, until mine burnt in a house fire and I haven't replaced it yet. I actually miss it now though.