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Status Updates posted by jordboss

  1. Finally got my hands on a Green Mothra and TamaOtch. 😃

  2. It’s been quite a while since I was last here, but I’m back! I couldn’t login to the site on my phone but since the upgrade it’s amazing 😊

    1. Admin


      Glad to hear it is working better for you!

    2. jordboss


      Thanks Admin, really enjoying being back ☺️

  3. Heey I tried PMing you, but it didn't work. can you pm me?:)

  4. Just purchased 6 Tamagotchi 4U :D

  5. Hey: Have you got my PM :)

  6. Hello OST, How are things, What's happened with your log? It seems as though you are no longer active on TT. :(

    1. OldSchoolTama


      I know, it's been a while. I've mostly been lurking. I miss TamaTalk so much! Things have been hectic, even after graduating from nursing school. I'm currently studying to take my state licensing exam to become an RN, as well as applying for jobs at the same time, so once I do what I need to do, I'll be around here more. Soon, I promise! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! Means a lot. :)

  7. Still waitiing for you to stop ignoring me. All I want is the ID back because you send me a broken Mesu!

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    2. xxKuchipatchixx


      I don't know if he is ignoring you I bought a tama from him and it looked like the same thing was happening Send him a new message and I am sure he will respond. Trust me he is how I got my v3

    3. xxKuchipatchixx


      I think it has something to do with his messaging system maybe it is full or something. But look at the V3 in this picture I bought it from him. : Album/IMG_20120602_104743.jpg Send him a Pm in a new message like with a new subject and everything. I promise he is a good seller. You send him a message and iy is there the next day though after he reads it, it is magically gone. He is a good seller I promise.

    4. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Hm, some people don't check their profile feed comments so maybe that's why he isn't responding. I traded my TamaWalkie for his P2 and it was in just the condition he said it would be (fine except for a missing screw).

  8. Can you please send the ID back! I have the Osutchi and Mesutchi all warped up and ready to be shipped.

  9. Hello, Im really worried now. Id just like the ID back! Please answer my PM's!

  10. Hello, your still ignoring me. Please could you just rely as its been weeks now!

  11. Hello, your still not reply and are ignoring my posts. Im just asking for you to send the ID back because as I have said, My mesu from you does not work.

  12. Hello. Please answer my PM, Im just asking that you send the ID back :D

  13. Just getting Tama Village for its relaunch :) Check my sig :)

    1. jenjen182
    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I joined. I have to go on again sometime. :3

  14. hi, can yu answer my PM?

    1. TamaMum


      Uh... I answer PMs as soon as I can, but sometimes there are other things going on that need more immediate attention. Be patient ;)

  15. Sorry I took a long time to reply, Ive just tooken a brake from virtual pets at the moment too. Im going to restart mine up soon. What VP do you plan on starting up next?

  16. Hello, could we talk again in pm?

  17. Hello, could we talk again in pm?

  18. Hello, Are you okay? I noticed that on your website you have not been posting logs due to personal reasons. I hope that you will be feeling a bit better soon! :)

  19. Hello, I donated so I can be a angelgotchi but I forgot to write in the notes section. Will I still receive my Badge?

  20. Welcome to TamaTalk! :)