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    Hello and Welcome to Tamagotchi Club, a place that is now located on TamaTalk. I first started creating Tamagotchi Club way back in 2006 as place to log my Tamagotchi and as my own website to post information. As time has gone on, I haven't updated that site in many years now and with the new updates that are provided on TamaTalk, what better time to merge my content from there onto here! :) As I'd like this to be a 'club', It would be amazing if we could all come together to form a community, so if you have any information or growth charts etc that you would like to post, feel free. Also, a section for posting your own logs will be located here. I plan to continue my own logs here now also. I hope you enjoy it here. Any suggestions are welcome also.

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    A club for people with a tamagotchi meets or m!x versions, to discuss interesting features and updates, and possibly meet up on the app game too!

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    Just a little sample to show how clubs work