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  1. If the Tamagotchi is new and you pull the tab out best practice is to still press the reset button. I’ve never personally noticed this issue but I haven’t ran a V4 is many years now.
  2. I haven’t ran my V4 is a while now but O have never noticed an issue on my versions. Have you tried resetting it? You will lose your character and progress by resetting it but it might fix any glitches that occure. A lot of glitches tend to appear when you don’t reset the Tamagotchi and just download.
  3. Have you thought about trying any of the newer versions? The coloured screen ones have many features although they’re in Japanese, the P’s can be patched into English. The ID L E comes in English but is very expensive and hard to get nowadays.
  4. I second this. Rubbing alcohol, q tips and Tamagotchi are a good mix
  5. That’s strange, what does it say when you go to the top right corner as kuchikid said in the previous post?
  6. Marshmallow - Happier. This song means a lot to me, will always hold a special place in my heart.
  7. There’s a guide (here) on what each icon does and gives you a bit more information about it. It might be worth a read and will further help with any questions you might have.
  8. The Tamagotchi V4 is known to have many glitches. If you use the search function on TamaTalk you can find many posts about it As for debugging, I don’t see how it would fix glitches but a guide on how to do it can be found here. Just to note, only US/North American versions (connections) can be debugged, it’s not worth trying on a European version as it’s not possible (connexion).
  9. I’m pretty sure the Digimon did have a relaunch a few months (years?) ago. Finger crossed the connections would be relaunched though, so many memories.
  10. Finally got my hands on a Green Mothra and TamaOtch. 😃

  11. It’s been quite a while since I was last here, but I’m back! I couldn’t login to the site on my phone but since the upgrade it’s amazing 😊

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      Glad to hear it is working better for you!

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      Thanks Admin, really enjoying being back ☺️

  12. I can finally log into my account on my iPhone. TT looks very modern and updated, great job Admin 💪🏼🙈
  13. I really disliked the Angel at first, until mine burnt in a house fire and I haven't replaced it yet. I actually miss it now though.
  14. My first vintage that I bought myself was a Morino that I bought 5 years ago, although my first vintage I had was passed down from my Mum to my Aunt, and then to me. It's a yellow P2 (Orange) Japanese version
  15. I've got quite a few vintages, although I'd like a Devil and TamaOtch
  16. This tends to happen a lot with the older vintage ones. It's like the buttons decrease over time. Was it bought NIP or previously used? I've found the the NIP buttons tend to be 'harder' and easier to use.
  17. I tend to put the battery in, and then press the reset button and they always seem to work then. I'd also recommend cleaning the insides too, dirt can build up over time.
  18. The only reason we asked Mr Blinky to discontinue the app is because of the issues that he himself could get into, as well as the rest of the Tamagotchi community. Anyway, now that it's all been resolved, we can go back to enjoying the 4U as intended
  19. It's not fair that Takura gets blamed for Mr Blinky modifying the app. I hope that this will all get sorted out, and that we can go backing enjoying the Tamagotchi 4U Japan App.
  20. Mr Blinky modified the app. He used Bandai's property (Bandai's app) to create the English version. This is illegal. Bandai have also asked us to not modify the app or we will loose access to it. It's not about providing content for free, it's the fact that we can loose access to the app and potentially all Tamagotchi apps in future releases.
  21. No one is saying that we're not appreciating what you've done. We're just saying that Bandai have told us not to edit the app or we will loose access completely. Modifying the app is illegal, and shouldn't continue. You mentioned that 'we will gladly do what Bandai THEMSELVES want us to do'. Bandai has asked for fans not to modify the app, which you have done, therefor I think it'd be better if the app is discontinued. On the other hand, I'm grateful for the P's Patches. No one is saying that we're not. The work that Mr Blinky has done is amazing, and I'm sure everyone agrees. We're just asking that the Tamagotchi 4U English App is discontinued. Maybe Mr Blinky could design his own app, that would be his property and not cause any legal issues in the process.
  22. That's not the point. The point is, someone else breaking the law could effect us all. It's illegal. Who's to say that this won't make Bandai deside so block the app completely? All because someone wouldn't follow the law? Sure, I doubt it'll get that far, but still. It's the point that it could effect us all.
  23. Mr Blinky wouldn't have access to any new content if the app is blocked from outside Japan. That's what we're afraid of. We're afraid that even the official app will no longer have any content because it will be blocked. The fact that it's also illegal worrys is because it's illegal. If it gets blocked, any future releases that Bandai might produce could also potentially be blocked, which means we would have no access to any tamagotchi apps.
  24. Mr Blinky is aware of this. He was contacted by Ra and the Admins of Tama-Zone because of the legal issues. Mr Blinky and Myiko have said that they're going to continue to work on the app, despite being aware of the legal issues, and having knowledge of the issue from the Tama-Zone admins contacting him. We're simply asking Mr Blinky to discontinue modifying the app, in order for no legal problems to occur, and so that we'll be able to enjoy the app. We're not saying that his contributions haven't been amazing because they have. Mr Blinky being able to create a English Patch for P's is phenomenal and I hope to see his work on that continue. The only thing that I am saying, is that if the app is continued to be modified we will loose access to it. That's what Bandai have told us. It's not a case of us just wanting to 'insult' Mr Blinky or anyone else who's involved in the project, we're just asking if modifying the app can stop. Edit - At the end of the day, what Mr Blinky is doing is illegal. He is modifying something that isn't his. We have been warned by Bandai what will happen, and were just trying to avoid this.
  25. There's very few phone's that are compatible with the app. The Nexus 7 (second generation) works, and some Note 3's, and Galaxy S5's.