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  1. Woo! Go Nyan Cat!!! OMNOMNOM!!!


  3. Peanut05 was here...

  4. AAAAHHHHHHHH I slipped on a YELLOW banana peel! ~ILIKEPURPLE
  5. Attention everyone who plays neopets. I have found a code to get a FREE secret lab map. enter "NEO1TRILHPRZCDE" without the quotes at the grundo warehouse to get your prize ^_^

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    2. zacksims123


      the whole thing or part of it?

    3. '/={3


      hm.. it doesn't seem to be working for me

    4. MametchiBoyz


      i can try but i forgot my username and password XD

  6. *dies a painful death because I saw the words Rebecca black*
  7. O_O I feel terrible!! I saw a beetle in my room, about 3 days ago, put it in an empty disposable water bottle I had on the floor, and today, I just remembered the water bottle, found it. but the beetle was covered in MOLD

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    2. Peanut05


      Rest is peace beetle...

    3. Orandatchi
    4. MametchiBoyz


      lol the beetle must have messed up your bottle

  8. I say Tom-a-gotchi but I voted Tah-mah-gotchi on accident xD
  9. I tried printing out a tama-go faceplate and it failed. 1st try: it came our way too big and the whole thing was stained my least favourite color-pink. Ewww 2nd try: it was still stained pink but the right size. 3rd try: only a corner of it printed and it was still pink T_T

    1. kuromametchifan123


      what kind of printer?We have an HP deskjet F4480 and theres a cleaning option for stained paper

    2. so101isfun


      I have no idea what printer it is but it's an Epson printer

  10. Maybe the person's native language is not english.
  11. I just remembered a few more When I eat with a spoon or fork it has to be SUPER clean and shiny or else I'll eat with my fingers (unless it's something like applesauce then I'll just drink it) and if I eat something with one fork/spoon I have to get a diffrent one to eat something else. I can spend hours going through the eating utensils drawer in the kitchen picking out the forks, spoons and butterknives grabbing the ones that I wouldn't eat with and throwing them in the sink. I always ramble on about killing insects because they are living creatures, too, when someone kills an insect Whenever I see something that looks soft or fuzzy in a store, I HAVE to go see if it's as soft as it looks, and if it is, and I have enough money, I buy it. When I'm on the computer, the door has to be shut or else my eye starts twitching. When I wath TV, the volume MUST be low enough to where I can hear it, but everyone outside the room can't. I sit in awkward positions when I'm on the computer. At school, I have to use a mechanical pencil because I hate the feeling of the part of the wooden pencil just below the lead, but at home, I use wooden pencils.
  12. Put it somewhere that isn't easy to find, in your sock or shoe, on a necklace inside of your shirt (I hope they don't look down people's shirts o.O ) In a big book, in a non-see through empty water bottle (to avoid suspicion, bring the water bottle to school empty, after the "spot check" put your tama in a pencil case and fill up your water bottle. Pretend to drink water out of the bottle and then fill it up after the "spot check") or you can always use the classic "it's a pocket watch and put it ion clock screen " excuse, that one saved my tama many times : P
  13. LOL I misread "You are not watching any forums" as "You are not worthy of watching any forums"

    1. mew0099
    2. Inmyroomreb


      Welcome to my world. I can't see, hear, or speak correctly... yet it makes life more amusing. :]