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  1. Mini update! I activated the 4.5 last night, getting a male Tsubutchi baby I named Benny (after a friend whose name was on the noggin at the time). He's a Hitodetchi now. As the families are more variable on the english Connections, it'll be mostly a surprise how he turns out! Exciting stuff. Kaede over on the Entama graduated school and got a job as a scientist! She's just that smart. It helped I'd been training her on intelligence since birth It'll be sad they'll never be able to connect and meet, but.. it's still nice to think of the two as siblings Big sis and baby brother are both doing very well so far. On the PC side, Franklin remains a bright pink Tamatchi, but has gained a new housemate: a baby girl named Masie (I'm mostly naming the Eternitamas after whatever pops into my head at the time haha). She's since become a Kinakomotchi with a rare pink coloration (!!!) and I'm also very excited to see how she goes. I am not at all good at the Eternitama games, but I'm doing my best. That's all for now! Kaede says to do good work, Benny says to play some today, Franklin says to roll with it, and Masie says hello.
  2. Curious if there's a section of the site dedicated to posting about certain tama variations and sharing knowledge. Just started with the Eternitama fanmade game, for reference.
  3. Easily 4.5 for me, but that's just nostalgia bias I think. I'm playing an Entama currently as well and am really enjoying it (miss the pause feature though- i'm a busy adult ) I'm certain all of the other connection line has its own charms as well, I'm just most familiar with the 4.5. Perhaps someday I'll obtain a v4 or 3 and change my mind? Design wise, though, Entama is a clear winner for me. The beads make the device imo. It's just.. so perfect
  4. For me? Honestly, I love having around a little guy, a companion to go with you on your hip (or neck, or wherever you keep them). Everything else is secondary to having a little friend around.
  5. As a young person of indeterminate gender, I used to own a "yellow mood" v4.5 tamagotchi that was my absolute pride and joy. I would post about it on this exact same account all the way in 2010 but it's long since gone missing in the labyrinth of my childhood home's basement (most likely), like everything else I've ever cherished. No points for guessing what my holy grail tama is after all that The peacock 4.5 is also really cool, but that's just because the design slaps
  6. Hello again! I have just spent a week on a beach vacation and we are now up to gen 2. Akira didn't get the onsen job but he did make an excellent train conductor. Very soon after (as in SOON soon), he married a nice Maidichi and they had a Mame family baby. What a lucky guy! He must've won her over with his never ending sweetness. For a while, I got the colors confused and assumed the baby was a boy until a trip back to the wiki proved me wrong- it was a girl! When the time came for Akira to head back to the Tama planet, I gave his child the name Kaede (かえで) as I had planned because it's gender neutral. Boy, did she grow quick. Perhaps this was due to vacation always seeming much faster than it is, but still. She went from a little Mame baby into a Mimitchi (today's newest development on the ride home!). Like her father before her, she is still in school as I write but only time will tell how quickly she'll get a good job and get married. Another development: I am giving Eternitama (the fanmade PC tama) a test shot. I have a little male baby (just now grew to tamatchi) that I named Franklin on a whim. Not much going on with that yet. Also- I have finally obtained a v4.5 of the english version after a long while of hunting and perhaps I'll start it tomorrow? We'll see. It's the tiger stripes shell, if that's important to anyone. Kaede says hello, and to be sure and do your homework.
  7. Oh woof I am looking back at old stuff on here I posted from when I was.. hm.. 13-15ish and feeling overwhelmingly cringey. Sorry about that, y'all. I was 13 during the Random XD era, though, so.. what could be done, right?

    Still, hi again.

    1. iTamannadi


      Welcome back! :) 

    2. KeroPyontchi


      Omg that's literally me hahahah but I don't mind the cringe, its so nostalgic to me reading what went through my mind. I miss 13 year old me!

  8. Exactly what it says on the tin. I have a lot of trouble sometimes parsing what certain objects are supposed to be when the shopkeeper brings them every day. I don't like to miss out on any good deals and items only come by once a day (that's years for my little guys!), but I also wouldn't like to waste Gotchi Points on something I neither want or need. If there's a chart out there with what each item brought is called, what it does (if its a toy or food or etc), and what it looks like, that'd be amazing. If not, any unstructured info at all would be helpful. Thanks a million I think it'd be fun to also get cooking soon so I'm on the lookout for more Kuchi food items too.
  9. Hi, just wanted to say excellent job and you're doing God's work out here. Best of luck.
  10. Hey gang, I'll make this short. Recently, I got myself an Entama (it's the shell design below, PLUS the beads which are easily the best part) after not knowing where my 4.5 was for ages because I wanted to play again, and uh.. the version one rereleases are pretty good but you basically have to let them die after a while, and I do not have the heart for that. Eh well. I do not speak or read a lick of Japanese, so this'll be fun. So, introducing.. AKIRA! Or, as it's put into the system, あきら. <-- he started life looking like this lil' fella (Kuchiotchi) and due to the way the Entama characters work, his appearance was pretty much set. I guess I have a soft spot for Kuchis now. In less than a day, he got these stubby lil legs, and looked like a takoyaki! He also started preschool and learned to dance. By this time I'd already started training him in the Kindness GUTS points so he'd get the right teacher as a teen. A couple of days ago, he grew into a Young Kuchipatchi (guess I took good care of him?) and earned the privilege of arms. He started school in Kindness, still grinding those GUTS points. I also got him a trampoline which he really likes. Thank all that is holy for the continued existence of the EnWarehouse program or I wouldn't have been able to get most if any of the right stuff. Man, I miss TamaTown every day of my little life. I don't do much anymore to note, but he did come with me for groceries. When I woke up this morning, my young lad evolved into a full grown Kuchipatchi! Ah, they (literally) grow up so fast. He still goes to school at the moment, but soon he'll have to get job hunting. Hoping for the Onsen job but I think he'll do just fine in anything he does. Then, it'll be time to find a partner. Oh man, they get so big so quick.. Well, that's all for Mr. Akira for now. He says "hello" and to have a nice day.
  11. Also does anyone know how to change the username? Did kinda pick it 11 years ago, it'd be cool if I could switch it up a bit :hitodetchi:


  12. What's popping it's been seven years. I'm back

  13. >Turn around 180° and check if the catwalk goes anywhere in that direction It's a bit dim to see, but you turn slightly anyways. What's left of the catwalk creaks a bit beneath your weight. There's a door at the end of the other side of the catwalk, but it seems to be locked. Something tells you that you were the one to seal it off, as something must have been chasing you. You feel somewhat hopeless and angry towards yourself for doing so, but out of the corner of your eye, you see something gleaming. Should you reach for it?
  14. ((Hi guys! It's been a while, and I feel I should at least try to explain what's going on. This is intended to be a Zork or Homestuck-style story, where users give commands like so: >turn around >look ahead >check inventory and a response is made by me, such as: >check inventory You don't seem to be carrying anything at the moment, besides the clothes on your back. It seems you have just enough space for 5 items. It's an experimental thing I've always wanted to try out, and I hope it makes sense now!))
  15. You wake up on a damaged metal catwalk, not entirely sure how you got there or what came before. You do know a few things: you're clearly in an abandoned warehouse, and there's just enough light outside to break through the dirty windows. Something large is swimming in the next room. Your name is Altais, you're 21 years old, and you've probably done this more than once. Somehow you just know that if you land on the liquid-filled floor, you'll die instantly. That floor is acid. You can still taste some on your lips from your last attempt. What became of your last attempt anyhow? All you remember is that rusty old fluorescent light in front of you breaking beneath your weight in your fruitless effort of getting to the next narrow catwalk, laid perpendicular in front of yours. The acid enveloping your body, and everything fading to black. For some reason, it seems you've been given a second chance. Or a third chance. Or fourth. For all you know, this could be your hundredth try. Just as you struggle weakly to your feet, a loud roaring noise is heard, shaking everything around you. That must be the monster, you think to yourself. You know you must defeat it. If only you could just get across..