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  1. Hello people, I've got 2 male Oyajitchi. Will the matchmaker still come to matchmake them?
  2. I see, if I have another oldie, can they matchmake? I'm intending to pause my oldie until the other baby becomes a oldie.
  3. My tamagotchi grew into an oldie 5 days ago. Will the matchmaker still come? Also what will happen if I pause my tamagotchi for 5 days?
  4. I want a universal adult, so if my universal teen lacks of skills points and is heavy, there's a high change of getting it? I been wanting a Masktchi for ages
  5. Thanks samtchi. Anyway all these while of playing I finally got an universal teen Hawaikotchi. I really want a Masktchi, is there anyway i can get it or hope to get it?
  6. Ohh okay i got it already. Anyway how can i make my training bar go higher?
  7. Okay, my tamagotchi babies grew into a male Mizutamatchi and male Harutchi. Is there any way i can make my Mizutamatchi into Hinotamachi?
  8. Oh no, my tama just mated. Well, there's next time. Thanks a lot anyway.
  9. Oh ya, one last thing. Yesterday there was a mail for me to choose a job for my Mimitchi but i accidentally press C and I was back to my main screen. How long must I wait for that mail to come again? She is already 4 years old with a baby.
  10. Thanks Nightpelt~Togetchi and samtchi. Today my Mimitchi and Mametchi mated and had a baby each, what will happen after this? I want my mametchi to grow into that special adult.
  11. Okay, my female Ringotchi grew into a Mimitchi but the table stops there. Does it means that it will not grow anymore? Is Mimitchi consider an adult?
  12. Thanks for your help, i roughly got the idea already.
  13. Hi guys, I am new to this game and i don't seem to understand those growth chart. I have a male Young Androtchi and a female Ringotchi. Their skills are as follow : Androtchi: Intelligent - 82, Fashion - 53, Kindness - 39. : Ringotchi: Intelligent - 78, Fashion - 34, Kindness - 38. My questions are as follow, what will my young Androtchi grow to if i am going to concentrate mainly on intelligent skill? Also how can i make my Ringotchi grow into Mimitchi? Any advice or tips will be appreciated. Thanks.