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  1. The mix is so awesome!

  2. I've been a bit busy lately, but I'm finding time to enjoy my Mix I really love this toy!
  3. Ah! It's so cool to see that the PC option is back! I wanna learn more about it too !
  4. Wow, that 20th anniversary version looks so cool! I can't wait xux
  5. I do wonder if the 3D like movement will also be for other rooms? Like say, in the backyard, park, store, or other places you can visit!
  6. How's everyone today ouo?

    1. MametchiWarrior


      I'm doing awesome! You?

    2. Hapihapitchi


      I've seen better .-.

  7. I know it's not a big deal, but I really like the more three dimensional walking animations
  8. That would be nice if the M!X allowed for users to change the faceplate. Since the 4U did, it would be great if that feature could return
  9. Forgot to say happy birthday to tamatalk today, oops xD

  10. Less than a month left until the official release! So excited for this!
  11. Hey, that's pretty cool both of them have exclusive things outside of just characters! Maybe they'll even have different games you think?
  12. How's everyone today? :0