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  1. i keep getting the same tamagotchi charcters on my v5. theres always sakura-motchi, ahirukutchi,and tororotchi. plz help me!!!!
  2. going skating with my cousin!!!!

  3. CopperSPCA


    i got this epic 1997 furby from my cousin (amirathegir)!!! so yea. just wanted to share that. XD
  4. CopperSPCA

    furby :D

    XD my cousin, (amirathegir) bought my xmas present on the computa, and its coming late and my cousin keeps talking about it lol XD she told me part of the present and she got me a furby im also rlly amazed and excited becuz she said it was the side part of the present O_O im sooo excited!!!! its name is wolf and it looks like this: im so excited!!!!
  5. @lolkotchi there pez i think

  6. i dont have many friends :(

  7. i love my new tama go!!!!!

  8. thnx for the welcom! i think theyre on pencils, but im not sure cuz i got that pic from google images lol but theyre still coot huh :)

  9. no, but they r weird, but i still want one! lol
  10. Im looking to buy furbies just leave a comment stating the price and shipping i dont care if theyre broken a little bit, so dont think i wont buy one with eyes that dont function rite or whatever. anyway, if u contact me ill give u my address to send it to me