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  1. Aquangel

    Write your username!

    AQ2UANGEL/"\\ With capslock and my toes. I tried to put a 'full stop' in, but, yeah.
  2. Ice cream is the best reward. Uh, hello?
  3. Aquangel

    last person to post wins :]

    wwhy hello <3
  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I - we're going on holiday an -and dad's going to want to save it. Nah. Probably keep half and donate the other.
  5. Aquangel

    Your Top 5 Favorite TamaTalkers

    Dude, number 6? #>x<# I'm honored. We-ell. I love anyone who sets foot in the Role Play Section. I am also lucky enough to have many, many awesome friends here. So I have no list. Any and everyone on this website is awesome.
  6. Aquangel

    It made me laugh...:)

    Well. One day, someone turned off the lights and I yelled, "Power cut!!" And everyone almost laughed so hard they wet themselves.
  7. Aquangel

    What's your school like?

    Uh, well, I'm in year 7 (my school goes from year 1 - 8) and I go to a small country school, that got flooded before I started. There are a few under 50 kids and I know everyone's names. Seriously. We have three main teachers (that includes our principal) and we are spoilt rotten. Let's say it is rare to have less than 5 outings a term. There is no bullying, there are two class rooms (year 1-4 & 5-8) and we have a pool. The school is very orderly. And we also have huts, also according to the teachers, no one achieving below average!
  8. Aquangel

    Little siblings

    Well. My sister is 9, nearly 10. Half the time we're out to kill each other. She ALWAYS has a comeback and throws tantrums and hasn't figured out You-Tube is a no-no. Good luck to a babysitter if she is tired.
  9. Aquangel

    Gender War! (Remake)

  10. Aquangel

    Gender War! (Remake)

    Hmmm......sorry Mew, I'm on the winning team! 608
  11. Aquangel

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Fe-el In-side ~ and Stuff Like Th-at! By Flight of the Conchords.
  12. Aquangel

    What's a random fact about you?

    OK then. I USED to have braces. They came off a few weeks ago. And I didn't tell anyone!
  13. Aquangel

    last person to post wins :]

    NZ for the win!
  14. Aquangel

    last person to post wins :]

    Good dog. Best friend.