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  1. How to get the baby you want When you mate your male Tamagotchi…… with a boy Using the Matchmaker – You will get a boy With a band member – You will get a girl With another V6 – You will get a girl With a V5 – female Tamagotchi…… Using the Matchmaker – You will get a girl With a band member You will get a boy With another V6 You will get a boy With a V5 You will get a girl
  2. Now Blade has formed a rock and roll band with a boy Nonopotchi named Daniel and a girl Ichigotchi named Thu. My tomagotchi named Blade plays the guitar, Thu plays th guitar also, and Daniel plays the headphones. The band name is Rebels.
  3. I got the new tomagotchi V6. I named my tomagotchi Blade. Blade grew into an infint. Now he has grown into a Kikitchi. At the end of day 2 my skill points are Tone 305, Rhythm 324, and Original 302.
  4. Now I am posting all of this on my blog.

  5. If you get a Kikitchi does that mean you took good care of them? O and I am posting my tomagotchi's life on my profile.

  6. End of day 2 skills: Tone 305 Rhythm 324 Original 302

  7. Blade has grown from baby to childand now has grown to a Kikitchi.

  8. Got a Tomagothi V6 and I named him Blade.

  9. Can tamagachi V6 get a chance to be married if they said no to the first option because they didnt like the character or looks.

    1. OldSchoolTama


      Yes. The matchmaker will come again at the same time the next day if you don't accept the first mate presented. In fact, she comes twice a day, if I remember correctly: 12:30 and 4:30 at ages 5-8. See http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/154095-music-star-matchmakerband-manager-time/ for more details.

    2. bk41129