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  1. The weirdest thing is coming back here and closing multiple accounts after a total of six years of membership and cringing at how much of an annoying brat I was XD

    1. Redtigereye96


      I hear you! I don't remember my old account info so I cant get into it, but I'm sure I was annoying too!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (maybe early, it isn't in my time)


  3. I see that u like swmming. What's ur time in the 50 free?

  4. Your banned because I hate equal marks. =
  5. How to eat with one fresh gap and a painful wobbly tooth? :|

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    2. Psycho tamagotchi

      Psycho tamagotchi

      Its hard :( ihad to eat with a really painfully wiggly molar, and a really wiggly tooth, it hurts so bad i pulled em out.

    3. G r a c e ❤

      G r a c e ❤

      I'm thinking about getting it profesionally taken out:/

    4. Alicefly


      Soup! Through a straw. A straw through the gap. Lol.

  6. okay, i got it. kesha can actually sing, lol. i haven't heard any of her songs like that.

  7. I remember my seven year old brother having a cameo print v2, and we were having our dinner, and his started bleeping! I didn't know what the sound was, because I haven't ever had a dead tama, and I cried! I was eight though :/