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  1. Also, for the Music Star, do I need to to have at least how much skill point in order for my Tama to be a star? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a few questions that I want to ask, sorry for many topics recently Here are my questions: - How to raise my Music Star Tama into a Star, is there any particular procedure that I need to follow? Can you give me tips if there aren't any procedure? - For my Tamago, occasionally, my Tama jumps up and down with an exclamation mark above its head. I usually just press "Praise" to get rid of it, but I don't know what does it means. - My last question, how to increase familiy bond for the V5. Hopefully that's my last topic for a while, thanks for answering! ^^
  3. The last time I went to Singapore was about 6 months ago. I don't think I saw any Tamagotchi iD L when I was there. Though the last last time I saw them selling Tamagotchi Music Star though...
  4. Age: 14 Gender: Male Country: Vietnam Comment: I bought my first Tamagotchi in 3rd Grade or so, to be honest, I was pretty fun. I enjoyed it with my friends who don't have a tamagotchi, but still help me with raising my tama. As I grow up, I began to research more in depth on Tamagotchi and realized you made many versions and I bought 3 more Tamagotchi. Well, the color Tamagotchi announcement really surprised me, I anticipated it to be English, but no... there's only the Japanese version. So I kept hoping and hoping there'll be a day when there's color Tamagotchi in English despite the announcement you made for not releasing it anymore! So please please produce more Tamagotchis for us! The color Tamagotchi is more preferable. Thanks!
  5. My collection is pretty small =)) Since I don't have much time for raising them. My collection includes: - Tamatown Tamago - Tamagotchi Music Star - Tamagotchi Familitchi - Tamagotchi V4 ( Given away TT.TT) My Wishlist: - Tamagotchi ID L :x
  6. I got my first Tama when I was still in elementary school. I walked around a toyshop in my town's shopping center and spotted the Tamagotchi. I immediately asked my parents for it, since I have read the store catalouges that was given out free, to be honest, it was pretty interesting. So anyway, my first Tamagotchi was the V4 and I opened it up as soon as I got home. I couldn't remember the exact details of how I raised my Tama, but what I remembered is that I brought it to school also got my friends to join me raising my Tama. My teacher was also interested in the Tamagotchi, since she hardly ever saw something like that =)).
  7. I have heard for Tamagotchi Music Star, your Tama can marry with either his/her band mate or go to the mating place. Are the two any different, like the offspring of the band mate will be different than the offspring of the mating place Tama? How to marry the band mate and what is the marriage age of the Tamagotchi Music Star. Sorry asking a lot, thanks for answering though
  8. Is there any other ways, from what I remember is something about turning off the light when the tamagotchi's going to sleep. I forgot how to do it, so can anybody show me how to turn of the light thing again? Thanks!
  9. Hey, I've recently started playing with tamagotchi again, also trying to recall tamagotchi skills. So I'm playing with a tamago right now, and I forgot how to raise the training points for my tamagotchi. Can you please give me ways to increase the points? Thanks
  10. did u ever get ur tamago and ur music star to have an egg?

  11. I luv pokemon.... and Tamagotchi.

  12. Can you help me with the tama-go growth chart for both girl and boy, like usng the training points for the growth chart. For example: Mametchi needs a certain amount of training point,... So PLEASE PLEASE help me.
  13. What is a hexagontchi and does it have any similarity to the tamagotchi id and the tamagotchi plus color?