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    I love reading all types of literature, poetry & drama. I enjoy audio books, Elves, dwarves & hobbits Kate Bush, classical music & all craft. I enjoy spending time with my husband & son

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    Shell Tchi
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    Shell Tchi
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    Tama go
  1. Hi all My son & I have not located where you buy things for the apartment. Where are they? Can someone help us with directions? Jotchi
  2. Hi there I am new to tamagotchis & we bought the tama go versions a few days ago. My teen is shell Tchi & is 59 lb!!! I am hoping I have not over fed her. Its my first experience so I am learning as I go. My son's is an Adult Kikitchi & is 31 lbs Jotchi
  3. I am new to this site & to tamagotchis

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    2. Jotchi


      I will! Thanks for your welcome

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      Welcome to Tamatalk! I hope you have fun!

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      Welcome! If you ever need any help, feel free to message me!