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  1. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    What made you happy today?

    fp and I watched more log horizon last night and I cried bc emotions but hecc I'm so glad I can watch it with them fp makes me so flippin happy they're the yue to my sakura the steven stone to my wally the rudy to my tohya I'm so glad I have a friend like them they always make me happy aaaaaaasdgfjhgkk
  2. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    What made you happy today?

    I watched log horizon w/ my fp today & now we're bonding over how much fun it is to say miss isuzu it's like mississippi but with another s/z syllable instead of a p syllable I love my fp
  3. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    12 years later

    Oh dang hey uh wow idk when exactly I joined I'd have to check my old account it's violetchi_garden btw that's my old account haha end me but um man I feel like it was 2008/2009 (ok yeah I checked it was March 8th 2008 was when I joined) So that was like?? Almost ten years ish?? idk I'm the baby of the og ppl god I'm like so embarrassed to say what my old username was bc I know some ppl will remember me and I literally hate the person I used to be like I would legit drop kick them into the sun but uh if you remember me heyy I hate myself lmao what's good also like. It's so wild like back in the day I made a few artist friends here and we all bonded bc we were in our Primal Weeb Days complete with the "xD" and "kawaii random" and yikes it's so cringey (and I hate that word ok) but?? We had fun. And it's just. mind blowing bc I guess like I was the quote unquote ~Artist Sempai~ friend, but now they're all actually pursuing art and one has a v popular art blog and I just don't draw anymore bc The Trauma happened and I dissociate and sleep too much to have a chance to draw anymore and I'm going off topic & idk how I got here or how this subject came about buut???? Just the Primal Weeb Days of tamatalk were gr8 and I miss everyone drawing icons for each other and I miss the art contests where we would all do multiple submissions of MS paint drawings and we'd oodle over the ppl who had photoshop or drew really pretty traditional art and we all just supported each other and. I miss that a lot. I'd so be down for another tamatalk contest just to see the new 11-12 year olds (if we have any) and their art and their passions I would love to see that anyways. early tamatalk was bomb yall
  4. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Dear Best Friend,

    I miss you dearly I think of you daily And I so wish I could see Your smiling face And laugh with you over the silliest things But I can't help but forget That you were never real My "best friend" Was nothing but a façade A petty mind game And "You" Was manipulative "You" Was a magician Dangling flecks of light in empty shrouded darkness "You" was my abuser all along And I wish I could go back To hearing your sleepy voice at 3 am Talking about your cats for hours on end Playing truth or dare until the sun was up on your side of the country Watching movies (and pulling me into even more things to love) And having tearful heart to hearts But I know that none of those laughs and tears were genuine Because the next day I would be greeted to a text Saying how I never talk to you And how I'm bringing you down and exhausting you While I'm exhausted trying to remind you that I am a very busy person And I physically cannot talk to you every second That I'm "just like everyone else" Even though I have done everything I possibly can to not be like them And I feel so guilty That I'm not good enough for you And if I'm not good enough Then I'm breaking your heart Dear ex best friend, A year later, I still miss you every day. Dear "You", A year later, I'm still hurting every day.
  5. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Last Post Wins

    Yall look at my cute dress I made in like a day it was basically 3 dollars to make bc I already had the pink fabric and the red satin were red satin sheets I got at a yard sale, now I just have to make the belt sash and add a crap ton of little hearts lmao
  6. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Lol so I don't know if I have a crush on this friend?? Like I love them a lot and I want to cuddle with them and watch movies with them and sing off key with them and hold their hand but just idk. We're going to cosplay prom together in like two weeks tho and I'm so so excited I made my dress in like a day lmao. We're gonna be really cute and eat lots of cake and dance all night js
  7. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Last Post Wins

    oh my god I am so fed up with people saying oh yeah I can do this thing with you and then a week before the thing when I do my regular checkup on progress they go yeah no I can't do the thing with you like why do I even continue to bother this is why I have trust issues
  8. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Low key crushing on this cute genderfluid person who lives in a neighboring city, they're so cute I'm like ahhhh can we please snuggle under a fuzzy blanket and watch cartoons and drink tea and just fall asleep But then I'm also like. Not ready for commitment again so soon, but I still want cuddles with someone I'm close to idk
  9. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Favorite Sanrio character

    Cries bc sanrio has recently become a special interest of mine and now I see this and I'm like ahhhhh yesss My favorite is definitely My Melody, she was my favorite when I was little and now she's kinda like a comfort character for me I guess?? I kinda sorta bought a My Melody plush as an impulse buy after a bad breakup but it was so worth it and she's so soft and it makes me happy haha I also love Little Twin Stars, I'd like to get a notebook with them sometime, idk I need to manage my time better and a cute notebook might give me the motivation to use it lol https:// www . sanrio . com / index . cfm / fuseaction / publicWishList . view / ID/c917a8bb-a34d-464b-ad37-f550bd213138 subtly, invisibly slips sanrio wishlist into post lmao, I put spaces in bc the link was still visible and I don't want this to be blatantly obviously in the message welp
  10. x.//StoryTeller//.x


    The best part of miitomo is that one moment you've just learned something very personal and heartfelt about a friend and then the next they're just like "CATS AMIRITE" However it is taking up a lot of usage on my phone that I need for my hundreds of cat pictures so I may have to delete it idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Artpad Painting

    A long long time ago, in a tamatalk not too far away... The year was 2008. Tamatalkers would gather about the thread that spoke of Artpad, a mysterious online art medium that you could paint with in all sorts of colours and brushes. What these fellow artists loved about Artpad was that they could play back their artwork, and many took advantage of this feature and would create animated stories such as classics like "Stickman vs. Triangle of doom!" and "Gary the stoopid moose". However, as scholars have told, all things must come to an end. ...But end has not come, for today is the beginning of a brand new era of Artpad! After more than five years, the times of creating masterpieces with Artpad have finally returned. Click the link above, my fellow Picassos, and let your canvas flourish. (To link your art, click "save & send" when you are done, and at the line where it says "If you'd rather not send this painting to your friends but would like a link anyway, click here", simply click on the word "here", and copy the link it has given you. I would like to present my piece, "some sort of sunset i guess idk".)
  12. x.//StoryTeller//.x


    MMMMM I may or may not be absolute undertrash and my profile pic may or may not be me and my trash squad in undertale cosplay laying on the floor feeling like garbage But yes I have played it and believe me when I say that I really do not play games. My anxiety is very bad to the point that I cannot play a lot of games due to so many surprises and whatnot. Now I diiiid have to watch a full playthrough before playing since I knew there's lots of shocking twists and stuff and it wouldn't have been good if I just played it, but I have played through pacifist and a neutral ending. (Also my girlfriend and I cosplayed Alphys and Undyne at ALA and we got to guest star in an OliRoux cosplay video which should be out soon and photos under the cut)
  13. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Name anime opening and ending songs you like

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/QisptZEIPTA frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Alright listen up y'all gotta hear the Nanoha StrikerS theme because every time I hear it I want to sprint down the street and destroy all my enemies
  14. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    Essential Oils

    Oh my mom is actually a certified doTERRA advocate and she enjoys covering my body in the oils even if I tell her I don't like the smell lol I'm essentially her guinea pig when it comes to oils
  15. x.//StoryTeller//.x

    How much have you changed since joining TamaTalk?

    Well first off I was eleven years old so that's definitely something Tamatalk brought me into my weeaboo phase but then all my weeaboo friends here left and I was alone so TT definitely taught me that you can still be alone even on the internet ...You know I remember a topic like this a long time ago and I said something like "I use cool smilies like XD and now I'm random!!!" and I cringe at that memory