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  1. hb klaus, i miss you u_u

  2. happy belated birthday, klaus! i know you aren't active on here anymore so i'll send you an e-mail

  3. Happy Birthday, Purin! :)



  6. purin get off that llama.

  7. It's okay. I'm just over sensitive sometimes. And yes, I know your email.

  8. Oh fu(k, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that I didn't comment. I care about you, and (hopefully) you know my email. :(


  9. O sh!t, with all these members (including me) leaving, TamaTalk is screwed.

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    2. Flare.exe


      3 years later and TamaTalk is still around. GG, Purin.

    3. yattatchi425


      A whole 4 years later, man oh man.

    4. *Hayden*
  10. Now, before I go, I'd like to ask something. On the status updates, why do you people always post about things like "ZOMG MY TAMA V4 SURVIVDD RANE!" "NOOO MY TAMA-GOU DIDE!!!" and "YAY I GOT MAMECHE!" Just wondering...

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    2. Purin


      Yeah, but isn't it more like, real life updates, not Tamagotchi updates? I know its a Tamagotchi website, but it seems like the way people post those updates (like "YAAAAY! Makiko Gotz a jod!") seems to me like they think a toy is a real human. If that even makes sense. Yeah, I know what I'm posting seems like utter bullsh*t, but it seems... quite odd.

    3. zacksims123


      i see your point. Usually it is real life. But when I got Makiko, I posted because I was excited.

    4. Violetchilluvr3


      Some people actually like their Tamagotchis. They get excited about them and want people to know.

  11. Leavin' this site, probably not comin' back. For personal reasons of: I am studying during S.V, I still dislike Tamagotchis, and I keep getting Trojans and viruses on my computer. Nothing personal. Sorry.

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    2. Purin


      It's a good thing, y'know.

    3. Bronica


      Why'd you even JOIN?

    4. sakura-san123


      yeaaa, who errrrm joins a tamagotchi site but doesn't actually like tamas?? Just wondering.....

  12. I wish there where more people like you that like jiggly puff. I thought jiggly puff was awesome in the show

  13. Please join the tournament! It is going to be fun! The information is all there. This is the link:


  14. Toad Strikes Back is the best Mario Fangame ever.

  15. While I was searching on the internet for a good game, I noticed a game called TOAD STRIKES BACK. The game is about Toad, an ordinary citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, tries to restore peace to the Kingdom by collecting power known as Starspheres. The game is highly addictive, and it is incredibly fun. The bosses are challenging and awesome (Wart is the hardest boss). Here is what the creator; Thunder Dragon, has to say: "Sooo, after a good couple of years of tireless work combined with tireless laziness, Toad Strikes Back is finally complete! Take control of everyone's favorite mushroom and traverse over 50 unique levels, in an adventure that pays homage to each of Mario's classic sidescrolling adventures. Don't waste your time reporting bugs, because chances are I already know about them (and have for years), and are not gameplay-threatening. Just have fun with the darn thing already. ;P" The game can be downloaded at the underlined title of the game.