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  1. Oh fu(k, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that I didn't comment. I care about you, and (hopefully) you know my email. :(


  2. O sh!t, with all these members (including me) leaving, TamaTalk is screwed.

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    2. Flare.exe


      3 years later and TamaTalk is still around. GG, Purin.

    3. yattatchi425


      A whole 4 years later, man oh man.

    4. *Hayden*
  3. Now, before I go, I'd like to ask something. On the status updates, why do you people always post about things like "ZOMG MY TAMA V4 SURVIVDD RANE!" "NOOO MY TAMA-GOU DIDE!!!" and "YAY I GOT MAMECHE!" Just wondering...

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    2. Purin


      Yeah, but isn't it more like, real life updates, not Tamagotchi updates? I know its a Tamagotchi website, but it seems like the way people post those updates (like "YAAAAY! Makiko Gotz a jod!") seems to me like they think a toy is a real human. If that even makes sense. Yeah, I know what I'm posting seems like utter bullsh*t, but it seems... quite odd.

    3. zacksims123


      i see your point. Usually it is real life. But when I got Makiko, I posted because I was excited.

    4. Violetchilluvr3


      Some people actually like their Tamagotchis. They get excited about them and want people to know.

  4. Leavin' this site, probably not comin' back. For personal reasons of: I am studying during S.V, I still dislike Tamagotchis, and I keep getting Trojans and viruses on my computer. Nothing personal. Sorry.

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    2. Purin


      It's a good thing, y'know.

    3. Bronica


      Why'd you even JOIN?

    4. sakura-san123


      yeaaa, who errrrm joins a tamagotchi site but doesn't actually like tamas?? Just wondering.....

  5. Toad Strikes Back is the best Mario Fangame ever.

  6. McDuster's: I'm PK Lovin' it!

    (Parody of McDonalds, and a pretty bad one, too.)

  7. Okay! If your stupid, you wouldn't have noticed you could just highlight this! Anyway, heres the catch!

    I will do one of these everytime I make a new signature so yeah!:D

    Seceret for invsible writing: They plan to build an internet cafe on Mt.Everest...

    They're facts I know but it doesn't matter!

  8. Igglybuff is the most underrated Pokemon. She can learn the best attacks, and when evolving into a Jigglypuff, she can destroy any Pokemon. Once Jigglypuff gets to Level 100, use a Moon Stone, and she is unstoppable.

  9. Has anyone noticed that Ness and Lucas use Paula and Kumatora's attacks in Super Smash Bros.? At least Ninten wasn't in the game, he'd be a waste of fighter space.

    1. mew0099


      They should have replaced Ness' PK Starstorm for PK Rockin.

  10. No, my Wii broke, and I'll have to re-unlock Ness and Jigglypuff, and buy another Wii. TERRIBLY SORRY!

  11. Sorry if I'm spamming.

  12. For some reason, I can't post on other's channels anymore, so I'm gonna TEST.

  13. ...Hi again.


  14. If only WiFi would work...

  15. Claus is stupid for "avenging his mom".

  16. Mama Luigi is overrated. Lloyd is underrated.

  17. Teddy revives in 1+2, however.

  18. OK. I prefer Ninten than Ness, however. Homesickness makes Ness seem like a constipated wuss, Astma is a REAL problem (No offence if you like Ness).

    But yeah, Ana is pretty much the reliable PSI user, Lloyd is a strategic item user (and a pretty good defender), Pippi may not have PSI, but she is WAY stronger than Ninten, Ninen is an unreliable PSI user with a ? mark face, and Teddy i...

  19. Aww man... ILloyd has good defense, but sucks as attack, so I gave him a Boomerang to make him stronger than Ninten. I also decided to purposely kill Ninten and do a no Ninten run, unless I need him to on parts where he has to be alive to move on in the game. Right now, Lloyd is Level 23. :P. I also heard you can beat the game with Teddy instead of Lloyd (which I don't prefer). Is this true?

  20. No, I mean PLAY as Lloyd. Also, is Pippi re-playable? She has high attack.

  21. Gee, it sure is boring around here, I just wonder what Pokey's up to.

    1. tama v9

      tama v9

      IKR? I'd rather be with Ness right now