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  1. ShutUpAndSmile

    My hedgehog Opal

    Haha thanks guys She really is the cutest. The ways she wiggles her nose too. Omg so cute
  2. ShutUpAndSmile

    Neopets o.o

    I use to have a disco Aisha (Sp?) that was so long ago. haha I'll add everyone! woo Edit: It says I can't add Jadeiestar due to parental permission stuff. Boo
  3. ShutUpAndSmile

    My hedgehog Opal

    Sailor: Yeah she's tiny. But she's only 10 weeks old so she's just a baby. I expect her to get a little bigger :3 Psycho: Lol I'll try <3 phnx: Thanks And she's great! I got her from a breeder. It took a few days of her getting use to me and she hardly huffs up any more. Every hedgehog is different though. I know people who takes months and months of handling for a bond to form. But she loves mee. The vet said that she was the most friendly hedgehog he's seen in years. She's great to cuddle with. I just lay her on my chest while I lay down and watch tv or on my lap while I'm on the cpu and she'll just sleep there. Sometimes she likes to go under my hair cause she loves the dark. lol You can't really give her kisses like you can a dog or something. I'd be to afraid of her spiking up and poking me. But otherwise she's just a doll. Especially if she doesn't know you she'll run up to you and smell you and explore you and such. But when she does she'll usually just run back to me and go to sleep. haha
  4. ShutUpAndSmile

    My hedgehog Opal

    I shall def hug her for you <3
  5. ShutUpAndSmile

    My hedgehog Opal

    Warning: Videos and Pictures may be to cute to handle (lol) Sorry picture over load. I tried to upload more :x lol Enjoy Haha
  6. ShutUpAndSmile

    Neopets o.o

    Fair enough :3
  7. ShutUpAndSmile

    Neopets o.o

    Dreams: Added you And Sailor, if you remember any of your usernames/passwords add me My thingy is up there ^^^^^
  8. ShutUpAndSmile

    Neopets o.o

    So I randomly got my old username and password sent to me a few days ago...Now I'm playing it like nonstop. Anyone else play? Usernames? Add me =D shut_up_and_smile_87
  9. ShutUpAndSmile

    Pet Names

    lol after being so persistent about a food name I winded up naming her Opal. I got her yesterday. I'm so happy, she's the best <3
  10. ShutUpAndSmile

    Pet Names

    Rawr: Hehe that is cute. Ebil: But when I say it, it would sound like quil and thats so generic. Puppy: No Edit: OH AND I FOUND OUT IT'S A GIRL <3
  11. ShutUpAndSmile

    How can I decorate my tama?

    I like customizing tamagotchies with paint and such. Check on my thread. -points to siggy-
  12. ShutUpAndSmile

    Pet Names

    Well I am aiming for unique but at the same time I want something pimp. Hence no Sonic cause everyone has a hedgehog named sonic. Idk I like Rolo the best so far. They're a delish candy. <3 We'll see though xD
  13. ShutUpAndSmile

    Pet Names

    Ooo I like Bowser! =o Idkkkk what to name it when I get it. ;-;
  14. ShutUpAndSmile

    Pet Names

    I want a hedgehog. =P I'm thinking of names. I got a few I like but I want more ideas. Please nothing to do with Sonic, prickles, needles, poking, etc. lol. Not a fan of foreign language names because I feel like I shouldn't name something in a language I can't speak. I love naming things after food too xD (Hence the first name on the list) My ideas for names: Rolo Sandslash Shaymin (Kinda iffy on the pokemon names)
  15. ShutUpAndSmile

    Heyy Everyone!

    Yeahh kids need to watch their mouths these days. My bfs little cuz plays COD and you here him saying "Rapeeee" and stuff. I know it's not cursing but coming out of a young boys mouth bothers me. But I don't think kids should curse till they know what it actually means and how it affects people. I didn't curse till the summer before 10th grade (Someone really made me POd Anyway. I don't think anyone should really curse. It's not classy at all and makes you look like trash. Not saying that I don't because I do but I would really like to decrease the amount I use it.