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  1. It kinda happened to me as well :/ dang it! they should at least said that "TamaTown is not available for now, please come back later" or something like that -_-
  2. oh hi! sorry for replying so late hehe ^^

  3. When i was like 7 or 8 years old, i saw one of my cousins playing with a V pet! i asked "What's that?" and she told me that it was a tamagotchi! "t-tamagashii???" and then i took it on my hands and it was sooooo smalllll that i fell in LOVE with it!! then i saw the commercial and i went to the store with my parents to buy a tamagotchi v.4 and it was soo cute!! then i got the v4.5. Then i went to the store with my parents and i saw a tamagotchi v4.5 with a CD of tamagotchi that has a game on it and a small mic in a tree form! then they bought it for me! then i went to the hospital because i was sick... and my dad just gave me a surprise and it was the v.5 tamagotchi! then at the time i got the v.6 music star and i got another v.6 because it brought me a tamagotchi movie! and then i got the plus color that it has some problems, and for this christmas i had the v.7 tamagotchi with a kuchipatchi figure and a chamametchi figure!
  4. it's ok everyone! my violetchi had a baby and now the store is selling stuffs! :D
  5. Hey cool! Mine is a violetchi too but it got married with an other tamagotchi! But when I go shopping the store is not selling anything... Maybe it's because I pause it a lot.. Oh well... Congrats!!
  6. Well I tried but it doesn't work... Maybe I'll wait until then awwwww.. :'( if it still doesn't work then I'll post it in here...
  7. Ohh thanks! Now I remember! I paused it like two times and again when it was in my backpack hehe well thank you very much!! This was worrying me a lot Oh! And thanks for telling me the name of the other tamagotchi
  8. hello tamagotchi owners and fans! Here i'm using my Tama go with a Violetchi that has been married with an urutchi ( not sure about the name but it's a tamagotchi type sheep) So they married 2 days ago so... before she got married, i bought everything on the shop menu and then she got married, but when i got to shop with violetchi after marriage, the store doesn't have more items to sell! i mean, it pass like 2 days and still no more items! :angry: so i was thinking it was because violetchi got married but... i don't think so, so PLEASE i need you guys to help me out! -_- if i have to wait so they can make a baby or what?? oh! yeah about that! please i need to know when they start having a child... PLEASE HELP ME!
  9. trying to change the background and it never works!

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    2. Tama love

      Tama love

      mine's too -_-'' hmmm... we should try then in another time i think

    3. tamakisser


      I love the pickachus as well

    4. Tama love

      Tama love

      aww me too x3

  10. Oh thank you! it somehow works even if it has other little problems but i guess it's ok :D if someone know the problem that i just fixed, please comment! thanks and Happy New Year! :lol:
  11. EVERYONE!! IT FINALLY WORKS!! :lol: :D i waited like 2 days long and then *tutut* IT HATCH!! the bad thing is that i reset it BUT IT WORKS!!!
  12. Ok! Here's the result! First i change the batteries. Then i reset it, when i set the clock and everything, the egg appears. Then i clicked the B button and clock wasn't MOVING!! :angry: :angry: :angry: i guess i broke it... :( ti's not that i'm angry with you OldSchoolTama...
  13. Well i didn't knew you could do that but still! it can't move :( i have this tamagotchi almost a whole year and i don't know if it's glitched! oh man! maybe i let it fall several times :(
  14. Well i did move all of them but, nothing works... Oh hehe thanks for correcting me too hehe