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    FANDOMS: Homestuck, Tamagotchi, FNAF, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Anime (favorite is Shugo Chara), MLP, DBZ, Steven Universe, AC:NL, Doctor Who, and old Nicktoons/Nickelodeon cartoons (ChalkZone; MLaaTR; Ed, Edd, and Eddy; etc.)! (Probably a few I'm forgetting. I'll add them as they come)

    GENERAL INTERESTS: Reading, writing stories, and having fun with my friends.

    Also I'm REALLY into Youtube. Ask me about it if ya want :P

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    (Blank star means running outside of my Tamatalk Log, but you can see its progress on my instagram @kajah995. Filled in star means it's being run on my log AND on instagram. All shell names are from tamashell.com/Project Tamashell)

    White with Blue Tamagotchi p1
    Blue Spaceship Tamagotchi p2
    Gold with Black Tamagotchi p2
    White Tamagotchi Angel
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    Beige with Butterflies Tamagotchi v1 (v1 in a v2 shell)
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    Blue Tamagotchi Mini (2017 release)
    Pink Tamagotchi Mini (2017 release)
    Skeleton Tamagotchi Mini (2017 release)

    Black with Mametchi Tamagotchi TamaTown TamaGo
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    The v3 or the P's
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    Kusatchi, Horoyotchi, Nyorotchi, and Octopus Nyatchi
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    Check out my Tamagotchi Log in The Library for up-to-date information :)
    or search for Kajah995's Awesome Log of Amazingness Take 5; Part 2

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  1. My Santagotchi and iD that i bought for my birthday/christmas arrived recently! I got my meets in the mail a month or so ago as well!!
  2. God I totally missed by 8th anniversary by a few days on this site but it's been a w h i l e.

    Memories, man. They're all flooding back.

    1. Eggiweg


      Wow, congrats on the 8 years

  3. Heck new tamatalk looks snazzy!!!

    1. Tama_Llama


      and a loooot more complicated XD

  4. Okay well at this point my log is totally dead. Life got waaaaay too big for me to take it on and I just needed a break. I've retired from that, but hopefully I'll come back to logging someday!

    1. Tama_Llama


      will be excited for new logs! :D:wub:

  5. I swear my log's gonna come back life is just sTRESS

    1. TAMAGIRL2008


      Take your time and care of yourself, logs are always there to come back to! But looking forward to reading it when you do get back to it :)

    2. Tama_Llama


      it's okay, we only want you to be alright, write more of your log when your ready :)

  6. Spending the day with the people I love <3
  7. So I didn't get this today buuuut a while ago I received a Uratama from a friend of mine. My first Ura!
  8. wow i've been dead for a while but i'm alive again cough
  9. Just finished utena, gonna watch shugo chara again with someone, and possibly Lain/HunterxHunter soon~
  10. SATURDAY, JANUARY 27th Me: What a day... *I place my hand on the counter for balance and sigh. I glance outside to the backyard where a few headstones line the garden. I look down at the golden necklace in my hand.* Me: I don't want to do this... please... I just... ???: Do what? *I whirl around and see nothing* Me: ...Must be my head... I thought I heard... no, can't be. I'm just stressed... ???: What don't you want to do? *I quickly turn around again and see it. A ghostly Kiraritchi standing on the counter, looking me in the eye* Me: M-Maeve... *I slowly reach my hand out. She shakes her head* Maeve: Just an illusion. Sorry. Me: So you are just in my head... Maeve: Not exactly. I'm in a special place. the Place of Stars... Me: Where is that? Maeve: Afterlife, essentially. I'm being projected through that. *Maeve points to the necklace* Me: O-oh... Maeve: I sensed you needed help. Eppie, please do not give up on this place. Do not give up on these Tamagotchis. Persevere for their sake. For my sake. And especially for your sake. Me: ...Yeah... Yeah you're right. Okay Maeve. Thank you. Maeve: Of course. Me: Can you... Can you stay? Maeve: I'm sorry. I cannot. But I will be here when you need me most. Pol: Hey Eppie? *I turn around and see Pol walking down the steps. I turn back around and Maeve is gone* Pol: Eppie? Me: Yes, Pol? Pol: What's there to eat? *I think for a second about what Maeve said. A smile spreads across my face* Me: Come on kiddo. Let me show you. I think that's a good place to end it off! A nice comeback post. I'm really going to try and post more, I promise. Things have been a bit hectic but I got some good news recently so I think things will turn around. We'll see~ Next post should be coming in tomorrow. See you then! STATSU~ PURPLE SPACY M!X Name: Pol Stage Name: Mokokotchi Breed Name: Mokokotchi Age: 1 Generation: 1 Parents' Breeds: None Points: 99999 # Of Characters Bred: 0/27 Recent Occurrences: Teen Evolution Future Occurrences: Adult Evolution 20th ANNIVERSARY M!X Name: Yanna Stage Name: Violetchi Breed Name: Violetchi Age: 20 Generation: 1 Parents' Breeds: Mamavioletchi and Papakizatchi Points: 17950 # Of Characters Bred: 1/27 Recent Occurrences: Adult Evolution Future Occurrences: Marriage and m!xing COOKIE TAMAGOTCHI V5 Family: Mame Family Name: SNRSE (Sunrise) Names: Argyll and Drusilla Characters: Mametchi and Chamametchi Parents: Mamametchi and Papamametchi Bonds: 80% Generation: 3 Points: 0 Recent Occurences: Adult Evolution Future Occurrences: Marriage